How To Know If You Are A Starseed – Shedding Light On Earth Missions

Have you always felt like you don’t belong here? Have you ever felt like an outsider among humanity?

If you have, you might be one of the small percentages of people on this planet that are what is known as Starseeds.


Starseeds are races of alien beings, with different soul, types (or no soul’s at all) from distant star systems whose mission here on Earth is to usher in their plan for humanity.

This interaction has not always been the best cause of action for Earth but is highly veiled, and the truth of it all is hard to crack.

Many Starseeds bring technologies and other things that have been pushing Earth Humanity along too fast. Much of the breakdown in societal connection can be directly traced back to them. But it is no fault of there own.

But in truth many of us are already holding their genetic DNA. We are all “aliens” to a degree; we are all stars.

Starseeds who have yet to awaken do not know their true self, but there are some characteristics that all Starseeds share.


If most of these describe you, then you may well be a Starseed waiting to awaken.

1. You Have Always Felt Like You Don’t Belong

Starseeds are not born with Earth souls, so they often find themselves struggling to understand the way the rest of us do things.

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They often see other people as strange, irrational and chaotic in their behaviour – and wonder why they are so different.

2. You Were Seen As An “Old Soul” Even As A Child

Old Soul does not just mean Starseed. It also means Old Human Soul, too. Deep within all Starseeds is a code for their mission that unlocks during awakening.

This code tends to leak through a bit when they are children, causing others to describe them as an old soul (or something similar).

As it resonates – Starseeds often feel much older than their human bodies.

3. You Are Interested In Spirituality & Metaphysics

Starseeds have an innate understanding of the true nature of the universe and often gravitate towards the metaphysical and the spiritual.

However, they tend to reject religion in favour of individual interpretation as none of the religions on Earth feels right.

4. You Have Experienced The Paranormal

Most Starseeds first start delving into the paranormal after an experience with spirits, telepathy or some other phenomenon.

This is more likely for them because of their innate connection to the powerful metaphysical energies of the universe.

5. You Have Always Felt Homesick

For a Starseed, Earth is a long way from home. And though they may not know until their awakening, this is what causes them to feel homesick – even in their own home!

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6. You Feel More Connected To Your Dreams

Dreaming is very important for Starseeds, especially when they are young. It is often a way of escaping from the banality of the real world.

Starseeds experience vivid, otherworldly dreams that can leave them feeling exhausted in the morning.

7. You Know You Have A Mission… But Not What It Is

All Starseeds have a nagging feeling in the back of their mind that they are supposed to be doing something significant. But no matter how hard they rack their brains, they can’t work out what it is.

This is merely the Starseed within getting impatient, wanting to fulfil its purpose.

No matter how many things they try, they will not know their mission until they awaken.

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