Claircognizance is the mental ability of clear knowing. It is the power to know better. A claircognizant is naturally logical and a problem solver. People having claircognizance abilities can solve tough problems; they get the answers in their minds even without knowing anything.

These people just know things even without knowing how they know them. It is the gift that is very special but hard to distinguish. People often consider their answers a coincidence and don’t believe what they are thinking that might suppress their special abilities.

Claircognizant people get the correct information in the blink. Their thoughts are like a bulb that instantly lights and illuminates its surroundings.

There are 17 signs that you are claircognizant and knowing these signs could help you a lot.

  1. You think a lot – your mind is never at peace and makes you think about different things again and again, and many of these things don’t have anything to do with your current position
  2. Writing is your favourite work – most authors and songwriters have this ability; if you don’t write professionally, you might write a diary daily
  3. Lots of different ideas keep your mind occupied and even make you stay awake at night
  4. Correcting others might seem like a hobby to others, but it is out of your control – you have so many things to tell everyone that you can barely control yourself
  5. You are allergic to illogical things – you want logic in your life, and you choose the company of the same people
  6. When your mind is free from the general stress like in the shower, you get the answer to anything that is bugging you – sooner or later, and you always get the answers to all of your questions
  7. You could easily tell when a person is lying; you could extract out the genuine people from the fake ones
  8. Even though when you are meeting someone for the first time, you know that the person is trustworthy or not – without any explanation, you also know why they couldn’t be trusted
  9. As you have the answers to many things, people often keep you occupied as they also want to know what you know
  10. You also get a bad feeling when something terrible is about to happen you just get the feeling without knowing
  11. Future is not complicated for you and you, always have some information about it
  12. Your ideas inspire others and make them follow you
  13. When things are appear normal at the surface, you could tell what is happening inside
  14. Misplaced objects are somehow easy to find for you as compared with others
  15. Reading the minds of people is not hard for you; other than the course books, you have a hobby to learn, and you mostly read books in your spare time
  16. You are not a musician but playing different instruments even for the first time doesn’t appear to fool you
  17. Your mind seems different from the people you are living with
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