How To Know Kundalini Is Awakened? It is important to your spiritual journey for you understand how to know your Kundalini has awakened.

Kundalini awakening is the first significant step to becoming an actively spiritual person.

By awakening the Kundalini we bring all of the potential spiritual energy that is coiled up at the base of the spine and sends it up through our spine and the rest of the subtle body, activating our chakras and ushering in a new stage in our spiritual life.

But how do we know when this has happened?

Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

There are a vast and varied number of symptoms that people have experienced due to a Kundalini awakening.

The reason there are so many is that when our Kundalini is awakened it affects our entire body and all of the energy centres within it.

New energy courses through us in spades.

And this can throw us off a little because we are not used to the amount of energy in our system and the high vibration frequencies that are likely new to us.

This energy over-activates our chakras.

While we need our chakras to be active, we don’t want them to be over-active as this causes the symptoms that we associate with Kundalini awakening.

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Most of the time we are not actually experiencing symptoms of Kundalini awakening at all, but instead of over-activate chakra energy centres.

Here is a list of the most common negative symptoms:

  • Headaches.
  • Nausea.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Racing heart.
  • Hyperactivity.
  • Laryngitis and sore throat.
  • Thyroid problems.

But there are some common positive symptoms, too.

Benefits Of Awakened Kundalini

Once the Kundalini has awakened, we experience a whole new perspective on the world.

This can be literally, too.

A lot of people report heightened senses during Kundalini awakening, with increases in their sense of sight, smell and taste.

In fact, all of the senses are often heightened during this time.

What’s happening here is that our Kundalini energies are flowing rapidly and at high frequencies, making us more attuned to our body even as we adjust to a new energetic baseline.

Awakening is always associated with feelings of love, kindness and oneness.

The heart chakra bears more burden for the extra energy because of its position in the body, meaning that its associated ideas of love, kindness and empathy are brought to the fore.

But overall, the most significant symptom that lets you know your kundalini is awakened is that you will feel more spiritual.

That is, you will have a much deeper sense of the transcendental, that which is outside of our physical senses.

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We start to feel the energies around us in greater detail.

And the whole world becomes a place of spirituality for us.

Our spiritual journey becomes paramount. And we take one more step towards ascension to the higher levels of consciousness.