Has someone crossed your mind lately? Before brushing that thought off, consider the possibility that they are, at that moment, thinking about you as well. You’re both unaware, but your minds are trying to tell you something deeply profound.

You just have to interpret its method of communication, instead of diverting your attention towards other things, such as the television or video games. The telepathic connection between two minds has some truth to it. Its existence is irrefutable.

We all feel it on a frequent basis. Even in isolation, it’s what connects us to distant locations and people. How to know when someone thinks about you? Put your trust in your wild hunches.

These befuddling lines of communication can open between lovers, friends or anyone you share a close connection with. When you think about someone with utter focus, you’re able to reach out to them. Only a fool denies the exceptional psychic powers of the mind.

How to know someone is thinking about you? Here are some signs

If someone’s mental image appears abruptly inside your mind because of no apparent environmental trigger, there’s a massive possibility that someone is preoccupied with your thought. A thought wave is sweeping towards you and is trying to synchronise with your mental frequency.

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For instance, if you go to a place where you had fond memories of someone, and while you’re in that place, it’s understandable if their thought springs up in your mind.

But if you’re just randomly travelling down the road, and nothing in your surroundings acts as a stimulus to bring about someone in your thoughts, then this means that someone is trying to communicate with you through telepathy.

If you haven’t met someone for a long time, and out of the blue, you find yourself thinking about them all the time, your mind is trying to bring you closer towards them.

It’s signalling you to have a meet and greet with them and catch up on old times. It’s hinting you that someone is dying to talk to you, and thinking about you constantly. Are you paying heed?

You might feel a sudden feeling of guilt bubbling up in your mind and causing mental unrest. What is the source of this feeling?

When you’re mentally aligned with someone, and they feel grave sadness because they haven’t seen you in a long time, such emotions are a normal occurrence. It can happen in the case of a lost lover or a distant sibling.

It can happen right after a breakup because the connection between two lovers is still quite strong at that time because of shared time.

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It depends on you how you want to proceed when someone connects with you on an emotional level. You can simply acknowledge these thoughts and move on with your life, or you could take it as an opportunity to re-connect with someone.

How to know someone is thinking about you? Let your instincts guide you towards the truth. That’s the only sure way. Believe in their uncanny ways of communication.