How to let go of your false twin? Our time with false twin flames is emotionally crippling. We undergo intense pain during this period.

But this arduous struggle doesn’t just go down the drain.

It propels us towards our higher-self and catalyses our spiritual illumination.

It reforms us into a being worthy of our real twin’s love.

You might think that the universe is showing its wrath, but quite to the contrary, all of this happening is to aid in your spiritual evolution.How to let go of your false twin

Counterfeit twins come in our lives to teach us valuable lessons.

They coerce us to confront our greatest fears. All our lives, we may run away from love.

And when we do accept love, it’s ingenious. Our emotions are confounded with our harrowing pasts.

We all have undergone severe emotional trauma in our childhoods.

The residual memories of these traumas latch on to our minds like parasites, holding us back from true love.

A false twin flame, indirectly, opens our eyes to the truth and makes us realise our self-worth. But, letting go of fake twins is hard.

They possess the same aura and energy as our original twins, which is why we feel deeply connected to them. That is why we’re reluctant to let go of them.How to let go of your false twin

But there’s a way to estrange ourselves from them.

The only way you can let go of your false twin is by analysing things rationally. All our lives, we lead apathetic lives.

We put others first. We sacrifice our happiness for our lovers. But we forget the importance of self-love. We become immune to our sufferings.

Nothingness and emptiness forays into our minds and fixates its feet there.

We have to realise that we can’t compromise our happiness for anyone. The purpose of a lover is emotional security and spiritual stability.

If relationships drain your emotions and make you numb instead of resuscitating you, then it’s an abusive relationship.

It’s a flimsy semblance of love, not the real thing.

First and foremost, you have to accept that the relationship you’re in isn’t worth saving.How to let go of your false twin

This mindset will allow you to take significant strides towards your destined twin flames.

This acceptance will give you the necessary courage to cut the cord with the imitator.

We’re quick to pounce on love, but we’re complete idiots when it comes to an understanding what someone’s love makes us feel.

If it’s not liberating and reassuring, then it’s a lost cause. You don’t have to spend long hours investing in a relationship that is beyond saving.

What the false twin flame had to teach you.

They have contributed to your spiritual ascension as much as they could. It’s time to move on.

You might think that the future holds only death and destruction for you, but, trust me, at the end of every dark tunnel, there is light.

All you have to do is open your eyes and let the careening light meet your eyes.

How to let go of your false twin? Follow our earnest advice!

I hope this answers the question ”how to let go of your false twin”.