Twin flames relationships are recklessly unpredictable. When the flames come to each other, their soul-energies instantly align, and they decide at the spot that they’ve finally found their home.

At the destined moment, they question nothing and listen to no reason or logic and simply believe in the plan of the universal source that brought them together.

An air of familiarity surrounds them, and they feel as if they’ve always known each other ― like they are made up of the same soul elements.

And there’s a lot of truth to this thought because twin flames are mirror souls of each other. They were a single soul unit before they were physically embodied.

But, a twin flame relationship requires an individual as well as mutual struggle, and that’s what makes it so complicated.

For a twin flame relationship to work, both the twins have to embark upon their personal spiritual journeys first, and battle their scarred pasts, to find harmony in each other’s company.

The universe gives them ample opportunities to do so because no matter how many times a twin flame relationship collapses, the universe always revives it.

A healthy and functioning twin flame relationship possesses the following two essential traits.

Free from emotional baggage

Twin flames have resounding emotional problems, because of childhood traumas, abandonment issues, insecurities, brooding fears and whatnot.

And when they see each other, they are instantly reminded of these negativities because they are energetic mirrors and reflect each other’s imperfections.

In the spur of the moment, it might seem as if your twin flame is the source of all the trouble, but quite to the contrary, they are simply opening your eyes to the reality, and giving you the opportunity to face your inner demons, so that you can purge yourself of all that you have been hiding from all these years.

We spend all our lives, trapped in jobs we detest and abusive relationships that rot our souls.

Instead of facing our fears, we resort to drugs and other temptations that numb us and provide us temporary relief. Actually, they are not even a temporary solution.

They just aggravate our pain in the long run. Twin flames must overcome their self-egos and gain self-acceptance if they want their relationship to work.

Perpetual Emotional intimacy

Time ceases whenever twin flames are around each other. Mentally, they’re so aligned that they communicate with each other without uttering a single world.

Even when they’re silent, their energies envelop them with a loving embrace. But this mental connection requires constant maintenance.

Twin flames must strive to explore each other’s minds and find interest in each other’s beliefs, Values and thoughts.

The more they pay attention to each other, the more they’ll realise that they’re mirror souls of each other and were always meant to be.

A twin flame relationship requires constant struggle. It’s like a rocking boat that needs constant stability to save itself from imminent wreckage.