A twin flame is created by the splitting of a soul and its reincarnation into two separate bodies. Therefore, twin flames carry the corresponding half of each other’s soul.

This sort of connection is immensely powerful. The Universe itself plays an important role in bringing these two souls in full union. Twin Flames experience extremely powerful emotions.

Their connection is considerably more intense than that of mere soulmates.

During the initial time of their union, they feel the impact of these emotions and forces strongly because they’re facing it for the first time.

This can be very confusing for them, and can lead to a lot of chaos and trouble. They will both disrupt themselves and each other while rushing to gain balance and power on their own.

They will not be peaceful until they bring their energy into harmony.

Since the union of Twin Flames is for the purpose of the Divine Mission, it is necessary that both unite to form a sustainable relationship. There are several ways in which they can do so:

Emotional Connection:

According to the research conducted at the Institute of Heartmath, the amplitude of heart’s electrical component is 60 times higher than that of the brain.

Therefore, its magnetic field is also 100 times stronger than that of the brain.

When you meet your Twin Flame, your heart chakra opens and connects to them. As it does, you can feel the intensity of love and care you have for each other.

You can telepathically sense each other’s feeling. This can help you validate your own emotions and accept the undeniable connection you have.

Twin Flames are said to be mirrors of each other. They reflect each other’s flaws and imperfections. This way, they help each other solve their issues and become better.

Resolving issues is important to gain balance. It is essential for you to be vulnerable and honest with your Twin to experience the highest form of love.

Mental Connection:

You will find that you share a strong mental connection with your Twin Flame. Both of you have the same interests and hobbies. Your minds connect like no other.

You understand each other instantaneously. You perceive matters in a similar way and share the same goals. You feel that both of your capabilities combined drive your universal mission.

You never get bored of each other. Whenever you’re together you forget about everything else because you’re too deeply immersed in your own conversation.

And even your conversation has a purpose, and it helps you grow.

It is important to realise this connection and use it to the best of your ability. The minds of two Twin Flames combined create incredible energy.

This can be utilised for higher purposes. For this to happen, Twin Flames must invest in understanding each other and maintaining this soul-stimulating connection.

They must be genuinely interested in each other for this relationship to work.

Physical Connection:

When you meet your Twin Flame in person, you experience an intense physical attraction to them. This is because both of you are radiating energy that is in harmony with each other.

This brings on a repurposed sense of awareness. You begin to look at yourself in an entirely new way.

You start focusing on your flaws and work on them. This new energy you sense aids you in your spiritual growth.

Therefore, the physical connection between Twin Flames isn’t merely sexual; it is somewhat beyond that. It is what connects their soul’s energy.

Being attracted to the physical body of your Twin Flame will not fulfil the requirements of a Twin Flame relationship.

Spiritual Connection:

A Twin Flame is a sacred relationship. Two souls embark on an empowering journey that leads them to unconditional love and spiritual awakening.

You will feel as though you share a connection more profound than mere physical attraction. You’ll understand your Twin’s emotions and feelings.

But to have a strong Twin Flame relationship and help each other grow spiritually you need to first work on yourself too. You need to be a self-sufficient individual before you help your Twin Flame’s soul.

False Twin Flame

A Twin Flame is the other half of your soul. Twin Flames share a Divine Mission, and they come together to increase the vibrations of the Universe.

However, people may come across False Twin Flames, or soulmates, before they meet their true Twin Flame. These False Twins can feel a lot like a True Twin Flame.

You might feel a strong connection and pull towards your False Twin which can make it hard for you to tell whether they’re false or the real one.

Many people have said to have come across a False Twin Flame before they met their true one. This relationship can be hurtful to you, but it is still nonetheless important.

It is only when you realise and accept the False Twin for who they are.