Anyone can develop psychic abilities. It is the power that is present within us all but some people get the control over it. Believe it or not, you can develop these abilities as well. The simplest way to try is to make someone think of you without calling them.

You must be thinking, how to make someone think of you telepathically?

Well, you can do it or anyone can do it. The real ingredient is the trust; believe in your abilities to see what you are capable of.

There are many exercises that can improve your telepathic power. Here, we have provided one simple exercise that can help you to achieve this goal.

How to Make Someone Think of You Telepathically

Exercise: Send the telepathic message to someone to call you:

You can make someone call you by thinking about them continuously. If they are sensitive enough, they will catch your energy signals and start thinking about you as well. To check whether you have truly sent the message telepathically, what could be more assuring than a phone call from the same person?

Here are some simple steps to do it:

  1. Decide whom you want to call. The person should be your friend but should not talk to you regularly; it should not be your ex or the person who doesn’t talk to you anymore.
  2. Initiate with the breathing exercise: inhale and count to four, hold your breath and count to four, and at the end, breathe out and count till eight. This will relax you and clear your mind.
  3. Repeat the above exercise two more times.
  4. Clarity and focus are required to do the next steps.
  5. Close your eyes and imagine a movie screen.
  6. With your mind’s eye, see you are standing on a large green lawn, you have seven balloons of the following colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and indigo
  7. Starting with the red balloon, you let them go in the air one by one in a way that when one disappears in the sky, you release another.
  8. When all the balloons are gone, see the movie screen in which a telephone is placed in one corner and your friend is present on another corner.
  9. Visualize that your friend picks the phone up and talks to you happily. Your friend is asking how you are.
  10. Repeat this experiment for five consecutive days at the same time; you will surely get the results.

(This exercise has been taken from the book Psychic Development for Beginners by William Hewitt)

Before doing any exercise, make sure your mind is focused and you have full control over it. If not, follow these simple steps:

  • Meditate daily
  • Focus on one thought at a time only
  • Try to remain focused for as long as you can on that single thought
  • Relax your mind first and build that focus again
  • Repeat this daily for at least five minutes but the longer you practice, the sooner you will control your mind

Meditate For an Hour Every Day

One of the ways you can make someone think about you is through meditation.

How does this work?

Meditation alters the brainwave frequency of a person’s mind and hormone levels, which can signal to others that they are interested in them if their thoughts are focused on that particular person.

There are many different types of practices for meditation, but the best one is to just sit quietly with your eyes closed and breathing deeply while thinking about them.

Meditate and think about them especially when you are away from them.

This is a simple exercise you can do just about anywhere. Ideally, you should meditate for an hour every day.

Write Down Your Thoughts About Someone

If you want someone to think of you telepathically, all you have to do is think about them.

The next step is to write down your thoughts about them and keep the paper with your thoughts in a place where they will see it often

How does this help?

It helps because when they read it, the wording will trigger their brain into thinking of you.

All they have to do is read the words and think about you, triggering them into remembering your name or face.

Think of Them And Visualize Their Face as Vividly as Possible

If you want to make someone think of you, then you should think of them and visualize their face as vividly as possible. By doing this you will be sending a telepathic signal to them.

This is one of the best ways to make someone think about you without actually being there or seeing them for yourself.

Visualize Doing Things That are Enjoyable For Both of You

Visualize doing things together that are enjoyable for both of you.

When you send positive thoughts into the universe, they may think about you as well and return those same feelings.

So the next time you bump into them, your time together will be more enjoyable.

Think About What it Would Feel like if They Were Right Next To You

If this is someone you are crushing on, then think about what it would feel like if they were right next to you.

How would the air feel? Would your heart beat faster in anticipation of being able to speak to them and touch their hand or hug them tight around the shoulder?

Try to visualize the feelings and thoughts at that moment, make sure your thoughts and feelings are pure.

Repeat this process until they think about you as well.


We can’t guarantee that you’ll be telepathic or know how to make someone think of you telepathically, but the process of meditation and visualization is said to help cultivate those skills.

If you want someone who’s important in your life to think about you more often, try these simple ways to make them do just that.

Try it for a week or two and see if they call! You never know what could happen when people start thinking about you all day long.