Did you recently experience a heart-wrenching breakup and realized it soon enough that it was a bad decision?

Now you are hoping to find a way to get back together with your ex-partner and make things right.

Well, you are in the right place, in this guide I’m gonna cover all the things you need to focus on in order to get reunited with your ex and more importantly prevent it from happening ever again.

Have you ever heard about the Law of Attraction?

Assuming you haven’t, the Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful laws in the entire universe.

In short with the help of the Law of Attraction we can achieve anything we wish for.

Law of attraction is a part of our lives since we are born and it keeps on working.

But the point is how can we get it to work for us? It may sound simple but trust me it isn’t.

The Law of Attraction works continuously and attracts more and more of what we feel back into our lives.

That is why a person with a negative attitude will not be able to succeed because the law of attraction will keep on attracting the same negative attitude into his/her life.

That is why it is recommended to always have a positive attitude towards life as that’s what we wish to attract into our lives, isn’t it?

There is an amazing Law of Attraction Program that focuses on how to manifest all your dreams by removing all the negative thoughts from our minds that act as barriers to a happy life.

You can check the Manifestation Magic Program Here.

Well enough of the blabbering, now let’s move on to how can you manifest your ex back using the Law of Attraction.

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To make it easy for all of you to understand it easily I have divided the guide into DO’S and DON’T’S.

Guide on How to Manifest your Ex Back-


1. Let your emotions out

The very first step is to accept reality and stop feeling pity for yourself. Let out your anger frustration and talk to someone about it.

Trust me it always helps. Feelings of loss and anger will only attract all those feelings back into your life.

Remember that’s how the Law of Attraction works?

Once you get over your emotions it will be easier for you to accept the reality and move on from self-pity.

Stop blaming yourself for everything because simply by knowing it is never a single person’s fault.

2. Trust the Process

Many people fail in manifesting but have you ever wondered why? One of the major reasons is not believing in yourself and the process.

They just perform all the activities required in the process but never put their heart and soul into it.

The law of attraction will never work for you if you don’t truly believe in it.

Start to develop trust in your abilities, trust the universe, and always look forward with a positive mindset.

Start by preaching “ I can attract my ex back into my life” every morning and right before you sleep at night.

3. Visualize

Visualization plays a major role in the law of attraction. If it’s done right it can do wonders for you.

Visualization is a process that involves imagining a future in which your dreams have already been accomplished and how it feels once your dreams do get fulfilled.

Start by imagining a future in which you and your ex have reunited together and are sitting in a romantic restaurant or watching a romantic movie together at your home.

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Imagine how would it feel to be in that exact moment and cherish it.

At no point during this process, you should doubt yourself and the possibility of you and your ex actually getting back together.

4. Have a life of your own

It is very important to indulge in your own life, go out with your friends and family.

Remember you don’t need someone to help you lead your life,  you need them to spend your life with them.

Secondly, don’t put extra efforts into the process as it can bring all the bitter memories back and hurt your process


1. Avoid Unnecessary conversations

Usually, after a breakup, we keep texting our ex begging them to come back, checking out their social handles, spying on them, and knowing about their whereabouts.

This needs to be stopped right away, you don’t want to show them how desperate you are for them.

This kind of behaviour is what drives them away from you.

Try to keep the contact minimal and only engage with them when it is absolutely necessary.

2. Don’t expect it to Happen Overnight

The process of manifesting your ex back can take a couple of days, weeks, or even months.

The only thing needed from your side is patience.

Trust in the Law of Attraction and believe that you can actually manifest your ex back.

Don’t go out looking for other ways such as asking their friends to talk them out of taking you back.

If you truly stick to the process, the Universe will help you get your ex back.