Your vibrational frequency is essentially your spiritual state. More specifically, it is a measure of your consciousness level and describes the dominant thoughts, moods and values in your mind.

However, measuring vibrational frequency is difficult to do accurately due to ego bias.

You can get an idea of your vibrational frequency on your own through meditative contemplation, but finding someone with experience in the area will get you a more accurate reading.

What Is Vibrational Frequency?

Vibrational frequency is a measure of the energy in your system.

Everything is made up of energy, and types of energy are grouped by how quickly they vibrate or e1558697739585

The average level at which your energy vibrates is what we call your vibrational frequency.

Ideas, thoughts and emotions all have specific vibrational frequencies, and the more desirable ones have higher frequencies than the basest, undesirable ones.

Hierarchy Of Consciousness

There is a sort of hierarchy of consciousness, a ranking of the various ideas, thoughts and emotions that can dominate our minds.

700hz+ – Enlightenment
600hz – Peace
540hz – Joy
500hz – Love
400hz – Reason
350hz – Acceptance
310hz – Willingness
250hz – Neutrality
200hz – Courage
175hz – Pride
150hz – Anger
125hz – Desire
100hz – Fear
75hz – Grief
50hz – Apathy
30hz – Guilt
20hz – Shame

If your vibrational frequency is high, then this is because your mind and soul embodies emotions higher up this list.

If it is low, then this is because you are falling victim to negative emotions at the bottom of this list.

The numbers are hertz frequencies, which measure how many vibrations happen every second.

Measuring Your Vibrational Frequency

You can measure your own vibrational frequency, but it is a challenging process that requires complete honesty with yourself.

Meditate on your dominant emotions. Allow yourself to feel how you feel without judgement, making a mental note of the emotions that occur, and how strongly you feel them.

Find your dominant emotion on the chart above, and that is your rough vibrational frequency.

The more time you spend contemplating, the closer to the real number you will get. But to be honest, measuring your own vibrational frequency is never going to be accurate.

Ego Bias Prevents Self Measuring

The problem lies in ego bias, which is the tendency for people to inflate their own score simply because their ego wants their vibrational frequency to be higher.

Unless you have surpassed ego, self-measuring your vibrational frequency is going to be inaccurate.

The opposite can occur too. Poor self-esteem usually results in low vibrational frequency, but it also causes people to underestimate their frequency even further.

That’s why, if you care about getting accurate vibrational frequency readings, there is no substitute for an experienced practitioner.

A word of caution: it can be tempting to tie a lot of your self worth to this number, the same way many do with social media.

But it is not the absolute number that matters the most; it is the direction it is moving in.