How To Obtain Cosmic Energy: Cosmic energy is the basis of everything in the universe.

Every object, every molecule, every atom, and every subatomic particle relies on cosmic energy in order not only to act but merely to exist.

We all contain within us an amount of cosmic energy – stored, spent, and collected in every fibre of our being.

When we feel lethargic, like we don’t even want to get out of bed, that is a symptom of a lack of cosmic energy.

When we find ourselves lacking drive or motivation, we could be lacking cosmic energy.

But there are ways we can top up. This article will guide you through how to obtain cosmic energy.

Be At Peace

Most of our days are spent using up our cosmic energy.

We get up, and we go to work all day, we get home, and it’s straight on to cooking dinner and getting the chores done.

We meet up with friends or chat with our partner, perhaps we put the kids to bed or have to do a spot of shopping.

We hardly stop to take a breath.

But it’s important to relax and be at peace for a moment.

It is at times that we are at peace and relaxed that we are spending the least cosmic energy.

In fact, we collect more of it than we spend, meaning that we increase our total cosmic energy.

So the first tip is to carve out an hour or so every day to just be alone, at peace with the world instead of worrying or planning or doing anything else.


When we meditate, we are dipping our minds into the spiritual realm and connecting with the energies of the universe.

 This means that meditation is like putting ourselves on charge, opening ourselves to take on the cosmic energy we need to live spiritually.

Common ways of recharging our cosmic energy nice and quickly involve deep relaxation.

This means putting ourselves into a deep meditative state and allowing our minds to empty before just experiencing it completely.

We put ourselves in the passenger seat for a moment and allow the universe to just coast us along for a short time.

Regular meditation can keep our cosmic energy at optimum levels and is a crucial part of a spiritual life well lived.

Seek Out Energy Support

Some people sap our energy from us, draining us of life force and making us feel exhausted and thoroughly used up.

We should avoid these people where possible.

More than that, we should seek out people who do the opposite.

There are people out there – and hopefully we endeavour to be one of them – that boost the cosmic energy of people around them.

They are conscientious and kind, giving, and positive people.

We should try to seek out people who make us feel more driven, more energetic, and more connected to the world.

These people gift us cosmic energy and gain some in return.

The critical thing in obtaining cosmic energy is to be aware of your current energy.

Strong spiritual practice and diligent mindfulness are vital to maintaining a healthy level of cosmic energy.