How to open your mind To see spirits? Spirits are all around us. Always.

So why, you may ask, can you not see them? Surely if they are everywhere, we would know it.

Well, the simple answer is this:

You can see them.

However, most people don’t realise it when they do see spirits.

Their minds are closed off to the possibility, and their brains dismiss the sighting as an error or mistake.

So we’ve put together a little guide to help you open your mind and see the spirits that surround us all the time.

Sense The Spirit

Sight is not the most accessible sense to use to detect spirits.

So instead of straining our eyes and trying to see them straight away, we should use our other senses to guide us.

The presence of a spirit is often accompanied by a sudden drop in the temperature of the room.

If we suddenly feel a chill go through us despite being warm just before, that is a sign that there is a spirit in the room with us.

We can also sense a heaviness in the air.

The air is filled with spiritual energy, and the presence of a spirit makes this air more difficult to breathe – almost like it is denser or thicker.

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We might also hear a very high or low pitched ringing, usually pulsating in tone or coming in waves of intensity.

Once we have senses that a spirit is around us, we can work to see it with our own eyes.

The Third Eye And Altered Perception

The big mistake we might make here is to look with the two physical eyes.

Of course, we want to be able to see these spirits with our physical eyes, but we can’t jump straight to that.

First, we utilise the far more powerful and spiritually attuned third eye.

In the room that we sensed the spirit, we take a seat and close our eyes.

We move our centre of perception up through the head and into the forehead, between our eyebrows.

Visualise the room and look around it with this third eye.

What we are looking for are small changes in our perception of the room.

We should see the room exactly as it is, but some areas of the room may be fuzzy or blurred or absent entirely.

That right there is a spirit, and we have just seen it.

Now that we know where it is, we open our eyes.

Dim the lights or draw the curtains and let the area that we believe the spirit to be in fall into our peripheral vision.

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In other words – don’t look straight at it! Look to the side and use the corner of your eye.

It may be that the spirit does not want to be seen.

If it doesn’t, it won’t.

But the chances are if you sense the spirit, then locate it with the power of your third eye, it probably does want to be seen.