How to overcome Twin flame Love Challenges

Twin flame love challenges: Twin flame relationships have to go through a fair share of troubles before they can stabilise.

The predicaments of a twin flame relationship run the gamut from emotional conflicts to the runner and chaser-dynamic.

We’ll throw light on all of these ordeals and show you how to overcome them with profound mastery.

One thing you should keep in mind is that the twin flame journey is as much a personal journey as it is a mutual one. For twins to find harmony, they must first seek peace from within themselves.

Twin Flame Love Challenges: The Runner-Chaser Dynamic

You have to realise that twin flames aren’t your average soul-mate relationships. They are knotty and inflict an immense amount of pain on us to propel us towards spiritual illumination.

Enlightenment demands emotional and spiritual struggle of the highest order. Without it, you cannot deem yourself worthy of eternal bliss.

In the initial phases of a twin flame relationship, everything is sunshine and rainbows ― the lovemaking is intense, and the telepathy is magical.

But this period doesn’t endure. Soon, your mirror-souls show you your past, and unable to cope with all that you have suppressed within you, you make a run for it.

This fleeing act gives rise to the runner and chaser dynamic.

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Majority of twin flame relationships have to walk this path to reunite with each other once and for all.

That is why it is a twin flame love challenge that gives rise to a host of problems.

In seclusion, you have to find yourself. You have to face your self-ego.

Your chaser must give you the time and space to complete this process of self-discovery.

The disease of existentialism numbs our senses. We need a stimulus, a reason to escape our ivory towers of hate and insecurity.

That is what role our flame plays in our life. After we meet our twins, we learn to let go of the hurt and the pain.

We align with our higher consciousness which informs us of our true purpose life, i.e. to spread love and accept it. It helps us to become an integral part of the cycle of the universal source.

Dealing With the Grief of Estrangement

For most people, it’s really hard to deal with the estrangement of their twin flames. Their memories continuously brood over their subconscious.

At the back of their minds, they’re always thinking about them. But, trust me all of this happens for their own good.

Sooner, rather than later, you’ll realise that your connection with your twin is like no other. It’s of a perpetual nature.

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No matter how many days you spend without them; you’ll always wait for their safe return. You’ll come to the realisation that this isn’t a normal relationship; it’s a fated union.

Sure, twin flame love challenges suck the life out-of out you, but they’re worth the struggle. The universe, in the end, rewards you with perpetual love and light.

No longer will you have to wallow in your sorrow.

Article written by spiritualunite. Please link back to the original article when sharing. Namaste.

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