How To Prevent Twin Flame Fights

The Twin Flame relationship is perhaps the most intense, exciting and – at times – the painful relationship we experience along with our life journey.

While the relationship may have started with instant connection and singularity of purpose, like all relationships, we will experience bumps in the road.

The problem with the Twin Flame relationship is that those bumps manifest as mountains due to the passion and love held within the relationship.

So we may find ourselves in a Twin Flame relationship fraught with fights the likes of which we have never experienced with another partner. This is fine, this is natural.

But how do we get past this phase and prevent these fights with our Twin Flame?

Stop Fighting

Okay, easy to say, not so easy to do. But this is the first decision we need to make, and we need to make it together. When we say “stop fighting”, what we mean is “remember our shared goals.”

Both Twin Flames must agree that they need to stop fighting and work through disagreements more productively.

The easiest way to achieve this is to sit down with them when things are going well, not in the middle or immediately after a fight.

When we are in “fight mode” we are adversarial – agreement must be reached when we are out of this adversarial mindset.

Release Resentments

When we are constantly fighting with our Twin Flame, we build resentments towards them.

This brings our baseline attitude towards them up towards the “fighting threshold”, the point at which a discussion becomes a fight.

We need to keep our baseline attitude as low as possible. Otherwise, every discussion becomes a fight at the slightest disagreement.

We should look inside ourselves and forgive our Twin Flame after a fight. It is good for us and the relationship.

Take The High Road

In the same vein, we should always take the high road when fighting with our Twin Flame.

Just as we might lose ourselves in rage and resentment, we must remember that our Twin Flame will inevitably make the same mistakes.

We are twins – mirror souls. We are bound to make the same mistakes as each other.

And as we forgive ourselves for our transgressions and forgive them for theirs, we must do whatever we can to stop ourselves from making the same mistakes over and over.

We must not give in to pettiness; we must take the high road and invite our Twin Flame – without judgement or condescension – to join us on it.

Let Go

But when all has failed, perhaps it is time to let go.

This is painful. Of course, this is painful. But sometimes Twin Flames are just not ready for each other just yet.

There may be too much difference or too many painful memories, or one twin needs time to rid themselves of resentment.

If the Twin Flame relationship cannot be fixed while we are in it, then we should not be in it.

But worry not – separation is not the end of the Twin Flame relationship. It is, after all, not bound by the life we are currently living.