How to protect your energy as an empath: Could you sense what other people are feeling without them saying a word? Could you sense the emotional changes in the environment?

Then, there’s a possibility that you are an empath. Empath are the people who are highly sensitive to the changes of energy around them.

Whether the change occurs in people, nature or place, they could detect it with ease.

Being an empath is not an easy job. It takes the person to the emotional roller coaster ride because the minute disturbance in the environment could completely change their mood.

It is highly important for the empath to save their energy. Otherwise, they would feel lethargic and find it hard to cope with the surroundings.

Protect Your Energy As An Empath

Maintaining the energy flow within them is highly essential for their own wellbeing. If you are an empath, these tips could help you protect your energy:

#1: Prevention is Better:

You must have read it for the medical diseases that prevention is better than cure, and this implies for energetic changes.

When you are getting highly affected by something, it is better to prevent it. Unless and until you learn to control your energy, it is important to avoid the people or places that affect your emotions and energy greatly.

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#2: Write it Down:

When you are down, you should write about it. Journaling is helpful in extracting the stuck energy out from you.

It will make you feel better. When you write about your energies, you will start to feel better.

Another tip is to write about what you want to feel instead, so the universe could help you to reform.

#3: Cut the Cords:

No matter how much you like them, some people in your surrounding are energy vampires, and they like to suck the energy out of you.

They continually suck your positive energy and drain you. It is important to cut their connection cords right away because their presence will only harm you.

They might not do it intentionally, but their emotions are affecting you directly. They could be anyone in your surroundings.

#4: Meditation:

In the spiritual world, meditation holds the solution for many problems that occur in the physical world.

There are many ways to meditate. You can select any method that suits you best. Make meditation your routine and stick to it.

Meditation helps you feel focused and peaceful – energy would flow more peacefully within you.

#5: Water:

It might sound crazy but using water could be helpful in this aspect. Water purifies everything – it has the power to do so with your emotions as well.

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When you feel heavy with emotions, you can take a shower, or immerse yourself in water. It will drain all the negative energy from you.

When these options are not available, you can imagine yourself standing under a waterfall; if your imagination is strong enough, it will purify you.

Also, drink water because it will keep you physically fit and help you fight emotional changes.