How to Raise Your Frequency 5 Tips

Tips on How to Raise Your Frequency

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Controlling your breathe and meditation is a great way to rasie your frequency.

Energy is all around us and connects us together with everyone, every living being, energy is all around the universe. We are all interconnected with energy and frequency. Each of us have a unique frequency, in essence we are part of the same divine radiance which created the infinite cosmos.


We are part of the divine when we are in are touch of this feeling, being love is our true essence, when we are in this moment our energy vibrates at a much higher frequency. With positive thoughts and feelings and by practicing a healthy life style we can support a brighter energy field.


We can also lower our frequency by living in a state of fear, negativity, separation, or fill our bodies with unhealthy substances like fast food, alcohol and drugs, these are low vibrational which blocks our energy and frequency and we tend to become clouded and dark.

Our frequency and energy are magnets which attracts feelings in the world to match our energetic field. As we are the creators of our own energy, how we tend to treat our selves within and out, we are basically responsible for our energy and our experiences. Life doesn’t just happen to us, its our outer experience reflect our inner state. Here are 5 tips on how to raise your frequency.

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How to raise your frequency 5 simple tips

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When you send out an energetic field that affects the world around you. With that heart energy, You have the power to change your world. ~how to raise your frequency quotes~


1. First tip on how to raise your frequency is to focus on your breath.

This is a great way to raise your frequency, doing this will take us right into our body, calm us within and allow us to shift the energetic presence.

2. Slow down and enjoy the small things in life.

We are always carrying out the never ending tasks. I feel its very important to slow down, it builds patience and allows our energy to sit rather moving fast and letting our energy out.

3. Knowingly feel your feelings.

Some times we can stuff all our feelings down, if they are negative and not very spiritual. In my opinion the spiritual practice is to feel all of our feelings. The quicker you feel and process your feelings, the quicker we can release them. Being human and going through all our feeling is the step way to the divine.

4. Use a mantra


I find mantras are very helpful to keep your mind away from any conditioned beliefs. They help us to return to our true being, also mantras carry a vibrational frequency which spreads throughout the body.

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5. Develop Compassion.

Our energy is something we put out into the world. It can either uplift others or drain them. When we begin to notice this connection and how our energy affect others then we can begin to take more responsibility of the energy we give out.

Meditation to Raise your Frequency


When we engage ourself in daily practices like mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and healthy eating we can shift our energy. We begin to operate at a much higher vibrational level and frequency, which is the frequency of love, and we become a magnet for positive experiences and relationships.



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