Raising your spiritual vibrations is the primary goal of metaphysical and spiritual wellbeing. It is the basis for your emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Raising your spiritual vibrations comes down to embodying the higher emotions and rejecting the lower ones.

Are you looking to improve your life by raising your spiritual vibrations?

Apart from the basic, eating a plant-based diet and drinking clean water, we have some other useful techniques you can use to do just that.

Live Life With Love

Love is one of the higher emotions that vibrates at a higher frequency. Embodying love and living with love in your heart will raise your spiritual vibrations.

But it’s not the easy kind of love you’re looking for here. It’s simple to love the people closest to you.

The trick is to love everybody, regardless of whether they deserve it or not. Act with love and compassion and your spiritual vibrations will rise proportional to the effort it took to do so.

Think of everyone as a soul, not their character.

Keep Your Mind Centred & Active

Reason also vibrates at a higher frequency, which comes down to the proper use of the powerful human mind.

Allowing your reasoning skills to rust will limit your potential in this world, so endeavouring to keep your mind active and healthy is a crucial step towards raising your vibrations.

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Logic puzzles are great for keeping your mind active.

Keeping your mind centred is a lot more challenging. The challenge is in finding a balance between using your powers of reason as much as possible and letting your brain have a break to recharge.

Do What Makes You Happy

Joy is one of the highest emotions and vibrates at a higher frequency than even love.

That’s because living with joy usually requires being loved and living with love in your heart. It is also because spreading joy tends to spread love along with it.

We vibrate at higher frequencies when we are doing what makes us happy. Happiness is the feeling of being exactly where you are supposed to be, doing what comes naturally to you.

Make Peace With Enemies

We all have enemies. Not necessarily in the sense that we have people who we see as enemies, though some do.

The enemies you have to make peace with are most often within.

Making peace with literal enemies is quite easy if you allow it. All it takes is swallowing your pride and letting go of anger and resentment.

But the enemies within are the old wounds that haven’t healed. Childhood abuse, trauma and grief are all enemies of peace.

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Finding the strength to make peace is the second best way of raising your spiritual vibrations.

Meditate On Consciousness

The best way is to meditate on consciousness.

Consciousness is the thing that makes us as humans so unique, and higher consciousness is only attainable by people – and extraordinary people at that!

Spending some time every day, discovering what it means to be conscious in this universe is a surefire way to keep your spiritual vibrations as high as possible.

Sharing your discoveries will amplify this effect, as you contribute more to the overall raising of humanity’s vibrations.