Right now there are huge amounts of energy moving in our world and it is causing big shifts in our reality. You are able to feel it energetically. The energy has really ramped up lately.

All these changes in vibrations can manifest in a variety of ways. You may become hyper sensitive to smell, to taste, to other things around you. Our vessel is like a finely tuned instrument which can read and feel everything. You are pretty much tapped into the energy of others right now, you feel whatever they are throwing at you. You feel everything whether its truth or lie.


Energy shifts are signs of big changes that are about to appear, they are either cosmic events or solar flares. These shifts are signs of expansion and awakening to a new alignment in our world. So how can we cope? Listed below are some tips to raise our vibration or methods we can use to cope with the immense shifts that are happening right now.how to raise your vibration 2

How To Raise Your Vibration And Cope With Energetic Shifts

1. Spend some time alone

Whether you retreat to nature, a relaxing bath, or going to the gym; do this in a place that makes you happy being on your own. This is great way to know yourself and know what you want without the energies of others affecting you.

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2. Be creative

Whatever allows you to be creative, whether it’s to write, paint, sing, dance, cook, draw, gardening. Creative energy has the ability to relax us and put us into non resistant state. It allows you to unwind and go with the flow without putting up blocks.

3. Cleanse and Detox

It might be helpful to step away from electronics, go into nature, take a sea salt bath. Try a healthier diet and give up on heavy foods, clear your space from clutter and smudge to remove bad energy. You are removing all the heavy stuff that’s weighing you down and putting yourself in a lighter and more receptive state to receive messages and intuition. Doing these things will get you back into the natural rhythm.


4. Listen to your inner selfhow to raise your vibration

Feel inspired to do some work? Do it. Don’t feel like doing anything and just want to sleep? Do that. Whatever way your inner self wants you to relax you should pay attention, whether it’s listening to music or other activities.

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5. Ground yourself

Grounding or earthing is a great way to remove stress and help you sleep at night. Just spend some time in nature with your feet on the earth and your face in the breeze.

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6. Center your energy

Meditation and Yoga can help you center your energy. Spending time near water, with animals or even a nap helps to balance your energy.

7. Stay present with yourself

Whenever energy gets chaotic, most often we tend to disconnect from our emotions and feelings. So stay present with whatever maybe happening to you. Be connected to your feelings and express them. If you need to go somewhere and scream then do that, if you need to release and cry honor that as well.

Yes there is an insane amount of energy out there, some are good and some are not so good. We can nevertheless do things to heal our self or flow along with it. There is lot going on in our world, massive shifts are happening, we just need to believe in ourselves and power through them.