Sometimes in life, there’s a strange feeling of recognition for someone. Even though you are meeting them for the first time, but it seems like you have known them all your life.

There’s a deep connection that is unexplainable. If all this happened to you, there’s a possibility that you have encountered someone from your past life and your soul has recognised the connection immediately.

In many lives, we often reconnect with the soulmates again and again.

The souls with whom the connection is deep are the ones who come into your life for many important reasons. They are mostly here to teach us the essential life lessons that we couldn’t learn on our own.

Being single is not enough most of the time to learn this complete lesson. These particular souls are called soulmates, and they appear in many lives again and again until their mission is accomplished.

But how can you recognise a connection from a past life? Well, something to know here is that there’s a possibility that someone from a previous life has been with you for a long time, but you are unable to recognise because you couldn’t sense the spirituality in your life.

There are some things to look for that will tell you about the past connection.

Look for the Important Lesson:

Are you experiencing something different in your life? Is it affecting your life completely? This change could have been affecting you on a personal level as well as a relationship level.

The person who is teaching you this lesson might seem similar to you. The lesson could be a tough one as well, that leads to negative life consequences, but still, you feel a deeper connection with that person.

But, if you think that the person is solely in your life to teach you a lesson, this could mean that he or she is a soulmate from your past life as well.

Getting Help without Asking:

Is there any person in your life who is giving you a helping hand for no apparent reason? That self-less person could have been your soulmate in the past life.

Their soul has recognised your soul, and in their hearts, they know that they ought to help you. They aid you to move forward in your life for no expectation from you to return the favour.

The past life soulmate could be anyone around, a teacher, a friend, a neighbour, a mentor or anyone who is ready to help you always.

The Déjà vu:

Most of the time, you sense Déjà vu when you are with the past life relationship. The place seems familiar in which you stand with that person. You feel like things are happening again and again.

Even though in this lifetime, they are happening for the first time. The soulmates often want to teach you a particular life lesson, and when you don’t learn it, they appear again and again in your life.

When you feel a deeper connection with someone, look for these signs as they might appear to be your past life soulmate.

Photo by Sam Manns on Unsplash