How To Recognize A Twin Flame

We are all looking for our twin flame, that mirror soul with whom we share a destiny and who promises endless support along our spiritual journey.

Our soul yearns for the pleasure of unity with its twin so that it may fulfil its inevitable ascension.


And, more immediately, we want to feel the unconditional love and unmatched spiritual rewards of the twin flame relationship.

But we meet so many people in our lives. How do we know when we have met them? How can we recognise our twin flame?


Upon meeting our twin flame, we have a moment where our soul and our energies, particularly around the heart chakra where the silver cord that joins us is located, ignites.

This will feel like a sudden, almost violent burst of energy that burns in our chest and head.

It can feel painful, but it is a good pain – in fact, many people describe this feeling as an intensely pleasurable heat accompanied by a strong sense of being exactly where they are supposed to be.



We also immediately recognise our twin flame. Intuitively, we know that this is not our first meeting but merely the latest meeting in a relationship that has lasted for millennia and will continue for many more.

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Feelings of deja vu might also accompany this intense sense of recognition.

This is because we have experienced many of these meetings and felt these feelings many times over.

We may not remember them in our current incarnation, but our soul does. Our soul is meeting an old friend.

Shared Experiences

Twin flames tend to have led similar lives.

They often discover the same patterns and experiences in each other’s backgrounds as they find in their own and therefore connect on a personal level because of them.

This is a part of the twin flame contract. Many twin flames, before incarnating on Earth, agree to share similar childhoods and formative years in order to best prepare for the relationship.

It ensures that we are compatible in that way, and both come from the same base of understanding, which contributes significantly to the shared spiritual growth we aim towards.


The final common thread through all twin flame relationships is that they rarely begin as a surprise.

That is, we almost always expect them when they happen.


In the run-up to our twin flame meeting, we are given signs and symptoms by our spirit guides that let us know that the meeting is coming.

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We might experience heightened energies, intense dreams or synchronicities – specifically, we might see 11:11 show up in our lives a lot more frequently.

The reason for this is simple – the twin flame meeting is an intense experience that often scares one twin away for at least a short period.

Having the meeting be expected is our spirit guide’s way of preparing us for this intense experience.

So if you expect to meet your twin flame soon, and if the experience chimes with the other factors mentioned in this post, then congratulations!

You have recognised your twin flame and entered into a whole new world – where spiritual growth is ripe, and love is unconditionally eternal.

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