Our twin flame is the most important person we will meet in our lifetime.

Borne from the same soul, we split from them at the beginning of our creation and manifest as mirror souls on the physical plane.

The purpose of the twin flame is to provide us with karmic lessons and, through twin flame ascension, contribute to the universal ascension process.

The universe pulls us towards our twin flame and our twin flame towards us.

The connection we share is integral to our spiritual lives. It is essential to our spiritual journey that we reunite with our twin flame to learn the karmic lessons we need for enlightenment.

But how do we know when we encounter our twin flame?

Fortunately, it is very easy to know when we meet our twin flame. The experience is unlike anything else we experience in life.

Sparks Fly

The first thing we notice when we meet our twin flame for the first time on the physical plane is the instant spark between us.

This is not a physical or sexual spark – though that might also happen – but an emotional, soul level spark.

We might feel a burning or tingling within the soul that feels like a raging wildfire spreading through the body.

Other physical signals are blushing, butterflies and a sudden burst of enthusiastic energy. If these signs are present, we may have met our twin flame.

Shared Memories

Because this is not indeed our first meeting with our twin flame – we have lived many lives together already, after all – we often experience a feeling of shared experience with them.

It is common to experience regular bouts of déjà vu when with our twin flame, so when we meet them for the first time it is less like meeting a stranger and more akin to reuniting with a near-forgotten childhood friend.

An immediate and familiar bond of kinship with an apparent stranger may indicate that we are meeting our twin flame for the first time.

Complementary Personality

One misconception we often have about our twin flame is that they should be very similar to us.

This misconception is the primary cause of people misidentifying someone as their twin flame. In truth, our twin flame is likely to be a complement to our personality.

Their strengths are our weaknesses, and vice versa. They teach us what we must learn, and we do the same for them.

Their masculine and feminine energies are opposite to ours. Everything is mirrored, as they are our mirror soul.

Their purpose, after all, is to help us to achieve balance in our chakras and our soul.


But above all, if we want to know if we are meeting our twin flame when we talk to someone for the first time, we should simply listen to our soul. Intuitively, we know when we meet our twin flame. That is the nature of the relationship.

When you meet your twin flame, you will recognise them.

The trick is to recognise when you have not met your twin flame and if any of these signs are absent, or any part of you is unsure, then you will probably need to keep looking.

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