For most people, finding love is the first reason for living.

We spend our whole lives looking for that one person, and when we find our soulmate, we experience the kind of joy that is all too rare.

It’s painful to think that some people might meet their soulmate and not even know it.

For that reason, it is vital that we know how to recognise our soulmate when we meet them.

Luckily, with it being such a central part of life, the signs are quite easy to spot.

1. You Have Instant Chemistry

When you meet your soulmate for the first time, you will be struck by how easy it is to talk to them.

Meeting most people begins with a little bit of awkwardness.

It always comes from apprehension, not being entirely sure of their motives or their attitudes.

With a soulmate, you will immediately be at the same level.

A soulmate will get your references, and you will get theirs. You will share interests and primary goals for life.

In fact…

2. You, Will, Have A Scary Amount In Common

Soulmates usually come from very similar backgrounds in terms of their childhood experiences.

The reason for this is that soulmates need a bedrock of shared experience to create the magic of soulmate relationships.

It breeds understanding between you.

In practice, you will find that you understand where they are coming from and why they think a certain way – and the same is true the other way around!

3. Your Body Will Tell You – And Everyone Else!

The physical effects of meeting your soulmate are sometimes the most obvious ones at the start.

While you might want to hide your feelings when first meeting your soulmate – after all, that’s quite a natural reaction – your body has other ideas.

Unless you have superhuman self-control, your body will give the game away.

Think uncontrollable smiling and laughter, blushing and butterflies in the stomach.

The nature of embarrassment means that you will notice these in yourself straight away – more interesting is to see if you can spot the same things in your soulmate.

4. They’re Excitingly New… Though Strangely Familiar

Meeting your soulmate is an incredibly exciting experience that can leave you reeling for days, awash in a sea of new feelings that you feared you might never experience.

Though the novelty is exciting, when you meet your soulmate, it will be the familiarity that strikes you.

Your soul connection has meant that you have had a connection for your entire lives, perhaps many lives before.

In fact, soulmate relationships often develop over the course of many lifetimes.

It has a strange side effect. Many people, when meeting their soulmate for the first time, swear they’ve met them somewhere before, or have known them in a past life.

It is no coincidence and is often more accurate than they think.

And remember, if you are still waiting for your soulmate and are scared they’ll never show, know this:

Everyone has a soulmate out there, and everybody is hard-wired to recognise them when they see them.

Yours is just a little further down the road and will explode into your life. It will always be when you least expect it.

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