Negative energy naturally builds up over time and without regular cleansing your body, home and belongings will eventually suffer negative energy symptoms.

One of the best ways of removing negative energy is with the use of lemon and lemon products.

The cleansing power of lemon has been known for centuries. Here are 5 ways you can use lemon cleansing to remove negative energy:

1. Cleanse Your Home With Whole Lemons

This one’s easy.

Lemon fruits are known to absorb and cleanse negative energy, but for daily household build up you don’t want to be doing something that takes much effort.

Leaving a fresh lemon on the bedroom table, kitchen counter or television stand you can create a self-cleansing environment.

Just remember to replace them before they start to go mouldy!

2. Lemon Juice For Cleaning & Cleansing

You might not know this, but lemon juice is an excellent cleaning agent. It has antibacterial properties and high acidity, making it perfect for cleaning kitchen surfaces.

You can mix your lemon cleaning fluid from lemon juice, or you can buy it pre-mixed.

This has the added benefit of spreading the cleansing citrus more evenly around a room, which prevents negative energy pockets.

3. Lemon Oils & Scents For Rituals

When you have had a run-in with some serious negative energy, you might need to perform a cleansing ritual.

Almost every cleansing ritual you might have heard of can be improved with lemon scents and oils.

It clarifies the mind and contributes to enhanced focus during ritual meditation.

Lemon is so useful for so many meditation techniques that it is a good idea always to have lemon oils or incense sticks tucked away for a rainy day.

4. Protect Entrances With Lemon Juice

Negative energy gets into your home the same way you go – through the doors!

Removing negative energy is all well and good, but you won’t have to do it so much if you deal with it at the door.

Use a cloth to mark a thin line of lemon juice across the threshold of every doorway.

That way, every time you get home the negative energy you carry on your shoulders can simply be lifted away.

5. Lemon Slices For Negative Energy Haze

You know the feeling. Everything is getting on top of you, other people are putting their negativity on you and, to top it all off, you have a bunch of work to do that needs to get done now.

All of that negative energy is making you feel dazed, unfocused and tired.

It might not be the most pleasant experience, but sucking on a lemon slice can bring the sharpness back to your mind and body.

It does this by clearing the worst of the negative energy haze.

If that’s a bit too sour for you, then fear not! A neat little trick you can use is to buy some powdered miracle berry.

A little bit of that on your tongue before biting down on a lemon slice will make it taste a lot more like an orange – without losing the lemon’s cleansing power.