Have you ever wondered what causes conflict in a twin flame relationship?

Conflict is inevitable with any relationship, but understanding the underlying reasons why it happens can help you move forward more peacefully.

The twin flame connection is extremely intense, powerful, and often confusing.

So, resolving conflicts with your twin flame is almost guaranteed to be an ongoing process.

But, instead of becoming frustrated by this seemingly unending cycle of conflicts and reconciliations, you can use it as a catalyst for growth if you understand the principles behind it.

As long as you maintain a willingness to grow and learn from your mistakes, you will experience a lot of positive transformation in your twin flame connection.

In this article, I’ll reveal the key reason why conflicts happen so often in relationships and what you can do to resolve them successfully.Twin Flame Conflict

Resolving The Twin Flame Conflict

One of the reasons why we have conflicts in a relationship is because of old-world programming that says you have to sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of the relationship.

The truth is, when you are in a room where you are always sacrificing your needs, chances are, nothing will ever work out.

You must learn to love yourself more than anything to avoid feeling drained and unhappy in any relationship.

Confronting And Resolving Conflicts

When confronting conflicts with your partner, both parties must approach this situation maturely.

It’s best if both of you sit down together and talk about what exactly is happening between the two of you.

Being direct about your feelings can help sort everything out faster without hurting anyone’s feelings.
Twin Flame Conflict

Set Boundaries And Expectations

Another way of resolving the twin flame conflict is to set boundaries and expectations when it comes to behaviors in your relationship.

This is a good thing if you want to avoid future conflicts in the relationship. By setting boundaries and expectations, you will be able to focus on things that matter.

Be Clear And Direct

When it comes to conflict resolution with your twin flame, the best thing you can do is be clear and direct.

If you are not sure how they feel about something, ask them. Please don’t assume anything because it’s bound to get messy.

If there’s one thing people hate, it would be mind-reading. So avoid this at all costs!

Shift PerspectivesTwin Flame Conflict

By adjusting your mindset and intention, it’s possible to resolve conflicts and negative behaviors in your relationship with your twin flame.

By shifting perspectives, you will be able to see the real problem, while allowing both of you to open up and talk about it.

Although shifting perspective means looking at things differently, you are being supportive of one another so that both parties can avoid future conflicts.

Flexible And Communicative

Instead of choosing to remain rigid in what you stand for regarding your values, beliefs, opinions, and needs.

It’s best if you are flexible enough to change how you think about it based on how your partner feels.  

Just because they think or feel something different doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

If you are both communicative enough, chances are, things will get resolved quickly.

Ask your twin flames higher self to guide you in resolving the conflict.

Be patient when it comes to this process because, like any kind of spiritual transformation, change takes time.

Have Faith in BalanceTwin Flame Conflict

As twin flames, you need to let go of the idea of separation because twin flame consciousness is about union and balance between the masculine and feminine energies.

The universe wants to balance the energies in our lives, not separate them.

Whenever you are in conflict with your twin flame, it’s best to remember this fact, so there is no room for separation.

Also, always remember that you are both one, although you are physically separate.

Trust in love and the universe to give you a clear answer.

When we have faith in balance, power of divine spirit, and the biggest power within us – our free will!

Love can never be wrong.

Everything else is just a lesson to teach us how to love unconditionally.

It’s time to trust yourself with the power you have been given from the universe.

In my experience, taking these steps can help twin flames resolve conflicts faster so that there is no place for separation.

Just as important as resolving conflicts with your twin flame is to know how to communicate your feelings and ideas effectively without dragging things out.

Self-awareness is key to effective communication.

If you are not fully aware of your thoughts and feelings, expressing them will cause more conflict, leading to separation if things aren’t resolved fast enough.

Communication Starts With You

When it comes to dealing with conflicts in relationships.  

It starts with you.

How you feel about the problem is important, but the first thing you have to do before talking about it with your twin flame is to acknowledge that feeling or thought first.

Whether it’s negative or positive, expressing what you feel will set things in motion so that both parties involved can move forward from there.

If things escalate and become too negative, check your intentions and reevaluate the situation.

Do you want to resolve this conflict, or do you want to prove that you are right?

Is being right more important than loving each other enough to work things out?

As twin flames, resolving conflicts with your partner is a process of mutual understanding.

It takes two to tango, and more often than not, it takes two to get into a conflict.

I will share my experience as a twin flame with you about how I have resolved most of my conflicts with my twin flame.

I have resolved them through effective communication and by being flexible enough to respect each other’s values, beliefs, opinions, and needs.

If you think about it, not many people can do the same when they are in a relationship.

So let go of what seems impossible right now and trust that love will guide you both.

Facing Conflict Is Hard, But It’s Worth ItTwin Flame Conflict

You may feel like avoiding conflict is the best option for you because it seems easier than talking things out.

The truth is that when you avoid conflict, nothing gets resolved, and the problem just gets bigger and more complicated.

I started facing my twin flame conflicts with a commitment to resolve them as soon as possible so that our relationship could work towards healing, rejuvenation, and building trust.

Trust me; you don’t want to sleep with your twin flame holding a grudge against you.

Always Embrace Unity

Remember, as twin flames, you both chose to partake in a human experience. You are both essentially spirit and universe in physical form.

You both chose to take on challenges, obstacles, and hardships that separate you from each other as one of your biggest lessons in this lifetime.

So the next time things get rough, remember that unity is strength and separation is weakness.

As such, you should never feel like giving up; instead, embrace the fact that you are both working through the same things together.


I can’t tell you exactly how to resolve all twin flame conflicts because everyone’s situation is different.

However, what I can do for you is share my experience with you, which may or may not help you in your own journey.

The most important thing is to always remain in integrity with yourself, especially with your twin flame.

You must feel like you are both moving towards the same goal of building trust, intimacy, and love together without destroying yourselves by finding comfort in separation.

And if all else fails, remember the karmic law of cause and effect. We are the creators of our own reality.

Whatever you put out into this world will manifest back to you in ways best for your growth.