How To See Auras (BEST TIPS)

how to see aurasHow To See Auras – Have you seen a glow of light around someone, which was expanding from about 3 centimeters, about one inch to half yard ? This perception is a none physical energy we carry around us, or commonly known as Auras.

Auras is a form of clairvoyance, they are psychic sense which gives you visual reach to the non physical dimensions.


What are Auras and How To See Auras ?

So what are Auras ? Aura is a non physical sphere of energy around a individual, they can be seen through clairvoyance. The Aura is made by the subtle body when we are observing the individual.

We can see the Aura directly with clairvoyance. When we observe someone we can see a luminous shape, about 3 centimeters around them. This shape is very vivid and intense with a white or silver color. This first layer is not the Aura, this energy produces the Aura.

The Aura begins where this white/silver energy ends. How big the aura is can vary between individuals or between days for the same individual. Aura is something we manifest as consciousness and the aura changes shape and color as we think, emotions, and when we communicate with other people.

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