[lmt-post-modified-info]In this article, we can reveal the three key tips on how to see the spirits around you. Spirits exist everywhere. They are around us all the time. There may be several in the room you are reading this in right now!

We can’t always sense them – often they don’t want to be noticed – but when we can, it is through a spiritual ability called clairsentience. We all have this ability, though, for most people, it is underused and not accurate.

With practice and the right tips, you can hone your clairsentience and learn how to see the spirits around you.

When you are just learning how to use this ability, it is best to try to “sense” rather than “see.” With time you will be able to attune to the visual frequencies that spirits can choose to give off, but the first way that most people encounter spirits is usually through the other senses.

Honing these senses requires feedback, which means that you need to know what to look out for when trying to sense spirits. Luckily, there are some common signs of spirits around you that you can look out for.Clairsentience

Today, the tips we can reveal take the form of three methods for seeing spirits around you.

It is possible to see spirits when we are awake, and when we are asleep, these tips are focused on seeing them when you are fully conscious and aware of your surroundings.

Using these hints, you can unlock the power of your clairsentience and eventually progress to seeing the true and full form of spirits in your surroundings.

3 Tips on How to See Spirits Around you

These tips have been used to great effect by others before you, so if you want to learn how to unlock the secrets of the spirit world, then here is what you need to know:

Air Density

One way to sense the presence of spirits is to pay attention to air density. We are used to a constant air density and it is usually very noticeable when this changes.

Spirit beings exist with a different amount and density of vibrational energy than physical beings. As they move through space, they have a direct effect on the air density you experience around you.

You might notice a wave of dense air crossing the room. This is very noticeable and can often lead to shortness of breath as your lungs have a hard time dealing with the change.

It can also cause a low static or buzzing sound. This happens because the eardrum responds to subtle changes. The density of the air around you converts that into sound.

Most people experience this phenomenon accompanied by the appearance of distorted air – the kind of wavy, fuzzy air you see rising from the surface of the road on a hot day.

This can help you to discern a shape, though it can take some effort to make out the edges.

It can help to dim the lights. The reason for this is that light is being distorted as it passes through the dense air, but with a bright light, the distortions are drowned out by non-distorted light.

Dimming the lights helps you see the edges of the shape more clearly and therefore see the spirit.

It is often easier to look for movement than for the actual shape, so dim the lights and wait to see if you can spot any movement in the air around the room.how to see spirits around you


When trying to see spirits directly, we often run into the limitations of the human eye.

Thankfully, we are all blessed with the Third Eye. This is one of the subtle body energy centers and helps us to perceive the metaphysical aspects of the world around us.

The Third Eye is the origin of our spiritual perception and intuition. Whenever we experience “gut feelings,” it is the Third Eye that is the root cause.

This part of us is also a powerful tool for seeing spirits. Its vision extends in all directions, and the images it presents to you appear in the same way that memories often appear.

Some people who are not familiar with the subtle body and its energy centers would call it “the mind’s eye.” They are talking about the same thing.

It is often far more susceptible to see spirits in this way than with your physical eyes.

They might appear as a flash of light or a fleeting image. Often they will appear like memories or images of imagination, but you can immediately tell the difference.

It is accompanied by a rush of energy that spreads through you, originating from your Third Eye – which is situated in the middle of your brow.

This rush of energy is a spike caused by a flash of recognition. After all, we are all spirits when it comes down to it. The only difference between you and the spirit you are trying to see is that your spirit is still tethered to a physical body.

The spirits can all see each other, so there is no reason that you should not be able to see them, too.

Except that there is. Living in a physical body is all that we are taught, especially in the modern world. We get so used to living in a purely physical way that we forget how to use our spiritual senses.How To Sense Spirits

The Third Eye, through lack of use, falls into a kind of slumber. The link between it and your conscious mind weakens and decays.

The more attached you are to the material aspects of life, the weaker your spiritual senses become. While you live materialistically, the spirits around you will remain unknowable and invisible.

We exist as dual beings – caught between the physical and the non-physical. Only through conscious effort can we find the right balance and remain open to both the material and the spiritual aspects of reality.

One way you can see this is by considering what it was like to be a child.

Children see ghosts all the time. As adults, we often tell them that ghosts don’t exist, if only to allay their fears. Unfortunately, as we are told this repeatedly throughout childhood, we learn to reject our Third Eye and let it fall into disuse.

In this way, most of us are conditioned to exist in the material world alone. If you want to undo this conditioning, you must sever your strong connection to material possessions and connect more with the non-physical aspects of reality.

Peripheral Vision

The third tip we can give you is related to the previous one, but it deserves its own section as a powerful tool for seeing spirits.

It concerns peripheral vision.

Spirits will often appear as flashes of light in the corner of your eye. They can show up in many colors, each representing the unique energy of the spirit you have seen.

This often appears similar to how you see the light reflecting off a mirror or a body of water.

The reason this shows up in your peripheral vision is quite interesting and relates directly to the role your Third Eye plays in your perception.

The physical eye has a limited “cone” of visibility. It sees things directly in front of you very well, but in the corners of your vision, things become blurred and unclear.Earth bound spirits

We rarely notice this because the brain “completes” the picture.

However, because the physical eye is leaving that part of your vision to the non-physical part of you (the mind, in this instance), it is more easily used by your Third Eye.

This is where your Third Eye is likely to have remained most active since childhood.

If you hope to reopen your Third Eye, practicing the use of your peripheral vision is a great way to start.

Try concentrating on your peripheral vision and attempt to see the spirits around you out of the corner of your eye. Wait for the flashes of light and try to resist the urge to turn to look at them when they appear.

Focus particularly on the upper right corner of your vision. This is where most spirits prefer to appear to us – though every spirit is different, so you may get some more playful ones appearing in the bottom left to surprise you.

And eventually, as your connection with your Third Eye improves and you regain the abilities that you had at the beginning of your life – before the material world conditioned it out of you – you will be able to see the full form of the spirits that exist around you.

It is not the easiest exercise in the world to start using your Third Eye in this way. To begin with, you might find it challenging to focus on your peripheral vision without moving your eyes.

Over time and with practice, you will get better at it.

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