The twin flame relationship is one of the most spiritual demanding and fulfilling relationships of our life.

Stumbling across our twin flames catalyses our journey towards spiritual illumination.

The main reason why a twin flame appears in our life is to help us break-free from karmic relationships, flailing careers, and everything and anything that saps our life energy.

They align us with our higher-self and lead us towards our true purpose in life, which is to love without bounds and to find eternal bliss in their blessed presence.

Our souls get tainted with malice when we turn a blind eye to the spiritual realms inside of us and relentlessly chase worldly achievements.

However, a twin flame relationship undergoes periods of severe tension. Both twin flames estrange themselves from each other because of emotional conflicts and personal predicaments.

How To Send a Telepathic Message To Your Twin Flame

Don’t fret! Because the connection between you and your twin flame is so extraordinarily strong that you can still reach out to them with the help of telepathic waves.

Telepathy is a great way to open a line of communication with your twin and instil certain thoughts, beliefs and reassurances in their mind.

So, how can we reach out to our twin flame through telepathy?

Mental clarity

Love demands clarity, more than anything else in the world. Skepticism breeds confusion in your mind and hinders your focus.

If you have unresolved emotional conflicts with your twin flame, the connection between you and them becomes exceptionally weak.

You have to purge your mind off negative energies through meditation, aromatherapy and sheer will to eliminate interferences in telepathic communication.

Thinking about them with utmost focus

Sit down, remove all distractions in your surroundings, such as TV, smartphones, and think about your twin flame with utmost concentration.

Relay your thoughts to your twin flame, and make sure that they are not vague or confusing.

Do you want to tell them that you miss them? Stop playing games or prevaricating, and be upfront about it. Candor significantly increases the efficacy of telepathy.

Effective meditation

Sometimes, simply thinking about your twin flame doesn’t help. You need to couple it up with a proven practice of mindfulness, such as meditation.

Lose yourself in a deep meditative state and tap into your spiritual realms. Once there, you’ll easily be able to access your twins’ subconscious and deliver messages.

Hone your telepathic skills

Telepathic skills require consistent honing. Otherwise, they weaken with time. Think of telepathy as a metal.

If you don’t tend to it and let it rot in unfavourable environmental conditions, it will erode and lose its shine.

But if you tend to it on a regular basis and burnish it, it will retain its original vigour. So, the more you practice telepathy, higher is the possibility of it deeming effective.

Sending a telepathic message to your twin flames is a lot easier than you think.

The universe has already blessed both of you with a soul-connection, and all you have to do now is learn how to use it and unleash its true potential.