The twin flame relationship is the most spiritually meaningful relationship we can have in our lifetime. It helps us along our spiritual journey and provides the karmic lessons we need to do so.

One component of the twin flame relationship people often express interest in is the telepathic connection. All twin flames share this telepathic connection innately.

So how do we send telepathic messages to our twin flame?

Clear Energies

In order to share a good telepathic connection with our twin flame, we must ensure that there is no interference with the connection.

This means clearing our own energies so that the signal across the connection is not interfered with by our own energetic noise.

We can do this by avoiding negative energies, clearing our own energies through meditation, cleansing our environment with essential oils and aromatherapy and by remaining conscious of our own spiritual journey.

This should be the first thing we do. A clear, strong connection free from noise is vital for twin flame telepathy.

Think About Them

Once we have tended to our connection and made sure it is clear, we can begin to use that connection.

The easiest way to communicate telepathically with our twin flame is simply to think about them.

When we think about our twin flame – or when they think about us – those thoughts are relayed across the connection.

We can hijack this thought relay to deliver messages by thinking about them and the message we are trying to send in a combined manner.

For instance, to deliver an “I love you” message, we might sit down and think about how much we love that person.


Sometimes, this method of communicating telepathically with our twin flame is not enough to say what we need to say. In such a case, we should move on to meditation.

During meditation we reach a more spiritual state and, because of the spiritual nature of the twin flame telepathic connection, this means we have better access to that connection.

Reaching a deep meditative state allows us to use mantras and affirmations to deliver a message to our twin flame.

To help with this meditative technique, we can use lemon scents and oils to help our concentration and focus. This also serves to clear any negative energy residue that might cloud the connection.

Practice, Practice, Practice

One last thing to remember when we are trying to use our twin flame telepathic connection is that it is like a muscle –  we need to use it to keep it strong, and the more we use it, the stronger it gets.

Maintaining a healthy spiritual relationship with our twin flame, including meditative telepathic contact, will ensure that the telepathic connection remains strong.

This is especially important for separated twin flames. While the connection is unbreakable, it can be weakened by lack of physical and emotional contact.

Maintaining a spiritual connection through telepathic communication is key in this case to look after our own spiritual health.