People around us die without any fair warning. We don’t get closure, and thus it leaves us feeling incomplete. We feel the need to talk to them about all the things we never got the chance to.

In such a case, we find ourselves wishing that perhaps there was a way to talk to them, to tell them how we’re grieving and how we miss them.

To ask for their forgiveness for the times we hurt them or to ask for them to be there for us. Or just merely talk to them about ordinary things in our life because we want to share it with them.

There are numerous reasons why anyone would want to contact their loved ones who have left their lives.

Signs from a Deceased Loved One

Many times the spirits of our departed loved ones try to contact us themselves. You may find several uncanny signs in this case:

Dream Visitations

The most obvious way for your loved one to contact you is through ‘dream visitations’. Spirits have often been reported to have visited people in their dreams to comfort them or to bring them messages.

You might feel their presence around you, just as you did when they were alive because they’re the same being, just without a body now.


The ability to smell the presence of a loved one when their spirit is around is called clairgustance.

Sensing scents associated with loved ones is another way to know if they’re around you.

Whether it is their Pipe tobacco or Perfume, they are signature energy patterns that remain with that soul. Every soul has many; they collect them over every physical lifetime.


As spirits are forms of energy themselves, therefore, it is convenient for them to contact through electronic devices that operate through different energy forms.

You might see some strangely unexplainable disturbances in electronic devices, such as tv, radio, and light bulbs.

Additionally, you may also get phone calls from unknown numbers with sometimes nothing but strange static at the other end.

How to Call Upon a Deceased Loved One

There are several ways to communicate with your deceased loved ones. One of them is to talk directly through your sixth sense.

Find yourself a place free of noise, calm your senses and focus on yourself. Make yourself fully conscious of your present state and your surroundings and then slowly start losing focus.

Now focus on the energy around you, try to see if you can detect any other-worldly presence.

You can talk to them or ask them questions if you want. Or you can ask them to give you a sign in return for your questions like turning on or off of a light for yes or no.

Psychic Mediums

People also utilise the services of a medium to help them contact their departed ones. First, you must try to find out the legitimacy of the medium you choose to use.


Voices of a spirit that might be inaudible to the human ear can be digitally recorded with an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). Or the presence of a spirit can also be detected by an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) meter.


A séance, which is a gathering of a few people willing to call upon the dead together, is also conducted for this purpose. The whole aura of the room is set, and the people sit together holding a candle and chanting.

What Does It Mean To Be Dreaming of a Deceased Loved One?

In different cultures, there are different interpretations of spotting a deceased loved one in your dreams.

Some propose that it means an immense change is going to come into your life; it might be good or bad.

Pagan interpretations of dreams suggest that you must carry out any message that your departed one might bring to you in a dream.

Otherwise, you’ll have to face the wrath of the gods. Another reason for them visiting you in your dreams may be that they are not at peace and want you to pray for them.