How to tell if a spirit or entity is attached to you? Let’s analyse some of the most experienced symptoms of spirit attachment.

Chronic Exhaustion

One of the most characteristic symptoms of spirit attachment is chronic fatigue. Sloth-like tendencies are quite common in the general population and most often than not can be attributed to lack of sleep or malnutrition.

However, if you feel insensibility, lack of motivation or dispiritedness despite correcting your sleep patterns and eating a healthy diet, you might be under the spell of a spirit.

What happens is that an entity around you drains your emotional and physical energy, exhausting you in the process. As a result, you feel disinterested from things you adored previously.

Entities victimise people who capitulate easily and lack willpower. They also target people who are suffering from an ailment, such as flu, fever etc. or people who are prone to drug or alcohol abuse.

They prey on bodies that are already devoid of energy. It makes it easier for them to tap into their consciousness and take over.

Such people are not receptive to a entities presence and lack the energy and resolve to resist a spirit’s entry.

Also, such people are most likely unable to suspect a spirit’s presence in their auric field. They almost always hold themselves culpable for their mental and physical inadequacies.

Emotional instability

If you are suffering from vacillating moods and indecision and anxiety and fear are intermittently plaguing your mind, you need to seek spiritual help.

People with spiritual attachment condemn themselves to self-loathing and self-destruction even though they know they deserve better.

Ambivalence and capriciousness often manifest themselves when there’s another being living off your energy.

You might feel out-of-control and “not yourself” quite frequently. This happens because you’re part human and part spirit.

Emotional outrage and inconsistency are quite common in people having spirit attachments.

Lack of Self-control

Lack of self-control is evident in possessed humans. They get easily irritated at the slightest of things. They become overly-aggressive when their opinions are challenged.

They resort to vandalism and often abruptly slide into a state of shaky delirium. Unbridled emotions, uncouthness and mawkishness, are all symptoms of spirit attachment.

It means that there’s a malevolent spirit within our consciousness that is leading us astray and destabilising our senses.

Suicidal tendencies

If you self-harm and have suicidal thoughts or isolate yourself from your loved ones or think that dying is a means of escape, then possession is making you feel like that.

Suicidal tendencies often manifest themselves in people who are sheltering a spirit being with conflicting interests.

For example, if you’re an atheist and the entity is a religious entity, they might make you feel guilty and try to impose their beliefs, which might make you mentally constricted and depressed.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you can be helped. The first step is identifying the demonic presence. Sure, at first, seek medical help.

But, if, even after all the tests and doctor appointments, nothing helps; get in touch with a spiritual healer. They should be able to put your life back on track.