A psychic is an individual who can find out information which is hidden from our five senses, through telepathy, tarot cards, and clairvoyance, among others. He has a well-developed intuition that transcends the understanding of ordinary people.

He is guided by it his whole life. How to tell if someone is psychic? There are signs that can help us identify psychic people. They inhabit the same world we live in, and we are amazed by their extraordinary powers on a daily basis.

You can find out if someone is psychic if they possess the following attributes.

They can tell you about your Personal Information:

You’ve never said some details about your life to anyone, but a person comes along, and he tells you you’re deepest and darkest secrets of your life, embedded in several layers of your mind.

He tells you about your fears and insecurities and leaves you in a state of bewilderment. This means that over the course of his life, he has developed astounding psychic abilities.

 They Don’t Brag

A psychic will usually be careful to whom they reveal their gifts too, and they don’t like to brag about knowing information which would make them gain attention and fame. They’re reserved and socially isolated individuals. Most of them have resorted to a hermitic life, far away from the clutches of society.

 Mind Reading:

Psychics can know what you’re thinking and can deduce what kind of questions you want to ask about the troubles you have in your life. One look in your eyes and you know that they’ve gotten access to your thoughts.

Anticipate the future

A rare thing but some psychics can even predict the future, something that might happen to you or your family members; a psychic might be able to tell you about. They’re able to presage the future with precision.


A psychic can sometimes sense or experience the history of a person or an object just by touching them if a psychic holds your hand and is about to tell you something; it will usually be something about you or even your past.

Sensing Trouble:

At times a psychic will be able to tell you if trouble is about to befall you.

Healing powers

It is very rare to find a psychic with the ability to heal, but if you do find a psychic who can make your pain go away by holding your hand, he’s the real deal.

Seeing Auras

Psychics can also see your aura, even the size, colour and how it vibrates. At times they can read your aura to find out what type of personality you have.

Tarot Cards:

One common thing psychics can do is read the tarot and find out your past life, something happening in your life right now and even what could happen in your future. The information can run the gamut from a positive event to even death.

Ability to see Spirits

Some psychics can even see spirits, which could even include a deceased family member who might want to communicate with someone through them.

How to tell if someone is a psychic? These signs point to their existence.