We live in the physical world the vast majority of the time. It is out of necessity, of course, but it does mean that we often miss things that, were we more attentive to the spiritual world, might be interesting or important to us.

Notably, we might miss the presence of spirits in our surroundings.

The good news is that if we are paying attention and looking out for the signs, we can sense if there is a spirit around us. Here are the signs to look out for:

Heavy Atmosphere

When a spirit is in a room, we can sense their presence as a dense atmosphere in that room.

When alone, this heavy atmosphere may manifest quite literally.

The air itself may feel heavier or thicker, a barely perceptible increase in the thickness of the air. Obviously, the air is not actually any more packed, but the resistance of the energy of the spirit present in the room causes us to feel almost like we are trying to walk through soup.

When there are others in the room with us, we might notice a palpable shift in the mood of the room.

This is because we can all perceive the changes in the atmosphere, even the spiritually unawakened. If this change in attitude has no social explanation – arguments, disagreements, etc.

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Then it might be the presence of a spirit.

The heavy atmosphere of a present spirit is usually accompanied by an increase in room temperature. This is due to the high-frequency energy of the spirit. It can also decrease in temperature.

Feeling Of Being Watched/Followed

Another sign we can look out for is the feeling of being watched or followed by some invisible force.

We, as humans, have an uncanny sense of when someone outside of our vision is watching us.

This would have originated as a defence mechanism against predators – the feeling of two eyes on us from the shadows has a sort of fight or flight inflicting effect.

But today, we rarely have to worry about a mountain lion or a bear shuffling out of a nearby outcrop of trees.

So when our senses tell us that we are being followed or watched, we can make a better assumption that we are in the presence of a spirit.

Of course, we should always check for bears and mountain lions in these situations, just to be safe.

Signs Of Synchronicity

The last thing we might look out for are signs of synchronicity.

Synchronicity is what we call the intentional coincidences effected on us by the universe to deliver us messages and guide us in the right direction.

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Common signs of synchronicity include the appearance of the numbers 11:11 on clock faces, dates, birthdays – really, anywhere a number might be found.

If we see an unnatural frequency in the appearance of spiritually significant numbers or events we might be experiencing synchronicity.

If we do see synchronicity, along with the other signs above, we can be quite sure that we are in the company of spirits.