How To Tell If You Are Psychic

Are You Psychic, Sensitive or Intuitive? Its quite common for people to wander whether they are sensitive, psychic or intuitive and below are some distinct differences to show you how to tell if your psychic, intuitive or sensitive.

Are you Psychic?

Well, being psychic is the ability to know that you have a deliberate, clear and controlled style of communication with spirits, especially your Spirit Guides, and you are able to access them and deliver information from or to them.


Its quite not possible for just anyone to be psychic because not just anyone is born with the communication grid to access the spirits. Below are signs that you might be having psychic abilities;

– all your senses seem to communicate with spirits and get the intended information from them.

– you find yourself having a knowing that is followed by a strong supporting information about the spirits.

– the information delivered to you may not make perfect sense to you as they are not yours and you ought to deliver them to someone else.

There are certain moments that the spirits may visit just anyone but in the case of psychics, they are able to control the level of information they get. If you cant control your psychic abilities then you should find a way to nurture and discipline it as it may turn to be a liability and not a strength.


Are you Intuitive?

Intuitive is your ability to have a deep sense and communication within yourself and your Spirit Guides. This is the ability to sense whether something works for you or not and possibly for others too.

Certain signs to show if you are intuitive are;

– a capable, sound and strong gut instinct

– having the ability to know the best actions to take for your self growth and betterment even though they may seem illogical

In this case too, its quite possible for anyone to have the ability to identify and use their intuition but it takes a lot of practice and discipline to make them quite tangible and in turn beneficial.


Are you Sensitive?

Being sensitive is the ability to have a deep awareness of your stimuli and environment. Those that are sensitive will have the ability to to feel what is going on around them since they sit in empathy with other people on the basis of them working on one energetic level.

Its therefore believed that they absorb and respond to stimuli and emotions energetically. Its also your ability to asses and internalize what and how your environment is and then consciously or unconsciously react to it.

Why do psychics refer to themselves as intuitive, mediums, sensorys or clairvoyants and is there a difference?

There is no major difference among the above names as they are simply labels such people give themselves to show the type of communication line they use to access their Spirit Guides. They all are just about psychic ability which is all about affecting, relating or influencing the human psyche or human mind.

What to do if you think you are psychic but not sure

You should definitely find a great teacher with a competent, strong and enriched life and who practices out of a clean, healthy and professional domain. Simply attend their classes or have a discussion with them as they will get to walk through your life with you and help you understand the person you are better.


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