Everybody has latent psychic powers.

While some people – like Indigo Children – are born with highly developed psychic powers.

However the rest of us have to put in the time and effort to unlock them.

Doing this can be a long process, but the rewards are plentiful.

Lucky for you, many have walked the path before. If you want to know how to unlock your psychic powers.

Here is the process:

Regular Meditation

Meditation is vital for the spiritual lifestyle.

It allows you to remove yourself from the earthly concerns of daily life and connect with your spiritual self and the energy that surrounds you.

What we call “psychic powers” are just the techniques we use for reading and manipulating the energy that surrounds us.

Meditation builds familiarity with these energies that you need to develop your psychic powers.

Follow Your Intuition

Many people are prone to overthinking, which is one of the biggest pitfalls for budding psychics.

We know this because overthinking blocks your intuition – and your intuition is your most powerful link to your psychic potential.

You can develop your intuition by allowing yourself to make the less important decisions in your life without thinking.

Just go with your gut, your intuition will improve over time.

Build A Spiritual Relationship With The Universe

Psychic powers require you to have a relationship with your spiritual self and the energies of the universe.

To do this, you have to work on that relationship in the same way you would work on any relationship.

Ask the difficult questions of yourself and allow your intuition and your meditation to inform your answers.

We know this is the basis of “channelling”.

This is another reason to meditate every day, as that provides a baseline for building your relationship with your spiritual self and the universe.

Study Psychometry

At some point, you will need to start training specific psychic powers to develop your general psychic ability.

The best place to start for most people is psychometry.

Psychometry is the psychic reading of the energy of objects.

You can practice psychometry at home quite easily by attempting to read objects that belong to a friend.

You do this by holding them in your palm and feeling the energy and history of the object.

Your friend can let you know how accurate you are.

Check out our article “Developing Your Psychic Abilities” for a more detailed guide.

Practice Energy Reading

Other methods of practice that can enhance your psychic powers include prediction and telepathy.

Try ending each day with three predictions for the next day.

Doing this straight after meditation is ideal, to begin with, but try to make it separate after a while so that you can practice entering and exiting the reading mindset.

You can also test your telepathic skills on your friends!

Have them conjure images in their head and try to feel the image in their aura.

Seeing their aura will be challenging at the start. But will get easier as your psychic powers unlock.

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