If you are stuck on a decision, or you are just looking for a clue about tomorrow or a hint as to where your energy should be focussed, you might benefit from a tarot reading.

Unfortunately, not everybody has easy access to a professional tarot reader.


Luckily, if you have a tarot deck and the basic skills, you can perform a tarot reading on yourself!

Here’s how you do it:

1. Find Your Space

A tarot reading doesn’t begin with the turn of the first card. Instead, it starts with choosing the space in which the reading will take place.

You need to create a “pure space”. This has three elements to it.

First, a physical space. It needs to be clear of clutter, appealing and attractive to be in and be filled with your favourites cleansing scents and crystals.


Second, a mental space. This means clearing your mind of all the concerns that preoccupy you and reaching a meditative state.

Last, an emotional space. This involves letting the stresses and struggles of the day wash away so that you can reach an emotional balance.

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2. Decide On A Question

To get a successful tarot reading, you need a clear question in mind.

You can’t just ask any old question and expect an answer.

The question you ask should be the one that emerges from your mind when you search inside yourself.

For instance, if you are worried about a work decision where there is a plan A and a plan B, you might ask yourself:

“Which plan should I go forward with tomorrow?”

Be as specific as possible; hold the question in your mind and keep it there.

3. Decide On A Layout

This step should be pretty quick, as anyone who knows tarot cards will have a favoured spread.

However, the three that are always useful are:
Past? Present? Future
Situation? Action? Outcome
Option A? Option B? How To Choose

4. Shuffle And Turn

The shuffle is an underappreciated part of the tarot reading process, and you shouldn’t switch off while you do it.

Instead, hold the question in your mind and allow ideas to flow through as you feel the energy of the deck.


Then, when the time feels right, turn cards to make your spread.

5. Read The Tarot

Okay, here’s the good bit.

Read the cards according to your spread. One at a time, consider the question and how each card relates to it and your situation.

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Feel the energy of each card and image, seeing what pops out and feels important.

6. Answer Your Question

Finally, collect your thoughts and meditate on the question one more time.

The answer should become blindingly obvious to you.

It might take some time and a lot of reflection, but as long as you keep your mind clear and focused on the question, you will eventually get your answer.

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