Tarot cards are a powerful tool and in the right hands can help to provide people with advice, guidance and self-belief – in good times and bad.

In inexperienced hands, however, they can be dangerous.

Don’t worry, though! With a little bit of guidance and some care, you can practice tarot reading safely.

Learn From An Expert

The most effective way to learn to use tarot cards safely is to learn from an experienced tarot reader.

This isn’t available for everyone. But if it is available for you, this is the best option.

The little tips, tricks and nuggets of wisdom available to you from a mentor will be invaluable in helping you to avoid the less common pitfalls.

Pay Attention To Your “Emotional Weather”

When performing a tarot reading, you need to be in the right emotional state.

Especially when performing a reading for someone else, your mind should be clear of all the emotional baggage that we all accumulate throughout a day,

Not recognising your emotional state before a reading can skew the results.

Make sure to spend the time to ground yourself, clear your emotional baggage and reach the right mindset before doing any tarot card reading.

Maintain Your Wellbeing

Related to this, your wellbeing is crucial to the tarot reading process.

Staying safe while reading the tarot cards often relies on your wellbeing.

Looking after your physical and mental health is vital, so eating healthily and getting some exercise regularly provides the first line of defence against the negative energy some inexperienced tarot readers fall victim to.

Trust Intuition Warning Signs

Your intuition is perhaps your most powerful tool in all spiritual matters.

This is especially true for practices like tarot reading, where you are essentially supercharging your intuition to channel the energy of the cards.

Intuition does not just help you to perform useful readings; it also provides a warning system against the negative energy that can cause you harm.

If you about to do a reading and feel a sense of darkness, doom or foreboding – or you feel a little bit “off” or shaky – then it might be best to call it off.

Try again a bit later, once your intuition allows you to do so happily and comfortably.

Utilise Love, Light & Visualisation

One specific technique to protect yourself from negative energies during a difficult reading is to surround yourself with love and light.

Visualise a great open expanse, glowing and brilliant and surrounding you.

Allow yourself to sink in, to feel the positive energy.

Hold on to that feeling as you return to the present and the room.

This should help to keep the negative energy at bay while allowing the positive energy that is of use to you as a tarot reader to get through to you.

By practising tarot reading safely, you can improve your own life and the lives of others.

Before long, your healing presence will be felt in the world, and you will reap the rewards of working for good.

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