The twin soul or twin flame relationship is unique among all relationships we have over the course of our life.

This is because we have only one twin soul – the spirit borne of the same soul like us. We are split from our twin soul at the beginning of our soul’s creation as mirror representations of the same soul.

Because of this, we have a strong, unbreakable spiritual connection with our twin soul.

Through this connection, the silver cord that binds our souls together, we are psychically linked on the spiritual plane. Its function is to pull us to our twin soul so that we may learn the karmic lessons only they can provide.

Over this same connection, we can receive a significant number of signals from our twin soul. We may experience their sadness, their joy and their sorrow.

But can we tell if our twin soul is thinking about us?

Psychic Signals

Many people experience a strong psychic and telepathic link with their twin soul even when they are separated.

This is a symptom of a larger, universal problem – the yearning of twin souls to be together and resonate in unison for ascension.

Recognising these links and consciously listening to the messages that vibrate along them allows us to be better in tune with our twin soul.

But even when we try to ignore these messages, even when we try to push these connections to the back of our mind, the twin soul bond is so integral to the universe that we can never truly escape it.

The specific signs that our twin soul is thinking about us are the same as with any other psychic connection – except much, much more intense.

The Signs

So if you want to know if your twin soul is thinking about you, these are the signs to look out for:

Experiencing unexpected emotions. This is especially true after sharing a dramatic emotional experience with your twin soul, such as a break-up or a declaration of love.

A sudden, all-consuming feeling of joy some time after a declaration of love with your twin soul may indicate that they are thinking of you.

Energetic aura. When your twin soul is thinking of you, you may experience a sudden and sustained upshift in intensity of the electromagnetic aura that surrounds you.

This feels like a buzzing that envelopes your skin and may cause goosebumps or a whole body tingling sensation.

Comforting presence. Often, during difficult times in your life, your twin soul will feel your emotions. After all, your destinies are interwoven.

When they feel these emotions, they may find themselves thinking about you, which can manifest for you as a feeling of a comforting presence – perhaps sitting next to you, perhaps within your chest where the heart chakra resides, or even holding your hand or embracing you.

These are only some signs that your twin soul is thinking about you.

In truth, your twin soul probably thinks about you as often as you think about them, as the strength of the silver cord that links you is fed directly by your relationship with each other.

If you have a feeling that your twin soul is thinking about you, then they probably are. That feeling comes from the energies held within the twin soul connection.

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