How Your Aura Can Affect Your Future?

What are auras and what do they mean? The aura we see is the non physical energy around someone, which is shown through clairvoyance. This energy is created by energy body or subtle body of someone we are looking at.

You can observe the subtle body through clairvoyance. This subtle body is shown as a glowing shape about 3cm surrounding the person. The shape is very vivid and seen as a bright white, milkish color or silver color. This layer we see is not the actual aura, this is the energy that generates the aura.

The start of the aura begins after energosoma finishes. How big the aura you can see can differ from individuals, and will change throughout the day for the person. These auras are our expression as consciousnesses, it can change color and shape when we are thinking, have different emotions, and when we are communicating with others.

How Your Aura Can Affect Your Future Quiz

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