One question a lot of people have is if you dream about someone are they thinking about you?

The short answer is: It depends.

Dream analysis is a complex subject, and the key is in the specifics, the little details that serve to deliver the symbolism that we can work with and interpret.

There are a lot of meanings associated with dreaming about someone, and which one applies depends on a considerable number of factors.

For instance, if they are an ex-partner, it can mean that you have issues relating to the past that are currently becoming important.

However, there are certain situations where dreaming about someone can indicate that they are thinking about you.

These typically dream with a spiritual aspect that are responses to a renewing spiritual connection.

When Your Dream is About Twin Flames & Soulmates Does It Mean They Are Thinking of You?

Most of the dreams about someone that indicates they are thinking about you involve your Twin Flame or other soulmates.

The reason for this is quite simple: these are the people with whom you share the strongest spiritual connections.

When two people have an open soul connection, and on a deep level, it can happen.

If the two of you are both sharing the energy, they can experience some psychic communication with your energy blueprint.

Messages sent telepathically are not usually intentional or even particularly noticeable to them or the recipient.

But you might have noticed it before and put it down to simple coincidence. In truth, it is a result of your energies being more intertwined than actually being with other people.

Everything is connected, but you are connected more strongly than others.

Even so, during the day, you would have to concentrate hard to feel it.

But at night, when the part of your brain that blocks that stuff out (your “ego,” in a Freudian sense) is asleep, you are more open to this type of connection.

So if your Twin Flame or soulmate appears in your dream, it could be because they are thinking about you.

The subsequent energy that excites your spiritual connection brings up an image of them in your mind (and therefore your dream).

When You Dream of Ex-Boyfriends & Ex-Girlfriends Are They Thinking of You?

However, most of the time, when you dream about someone, it is not because they are thinking about you.

Most of the time, it is more about what this person means to you. Primarily how the lessons you learned by knowing them to relate to your current circumstance.

Nowhere is this more true than when you dream of an ex.

Our exes play an important part in our lives.

In a way, we can track our individual stories through the relationships we have experienced up to this point.

Each relationship we have teaches us something, and we emerge from it a different person than when we entered it.

For this reason, it is why people are often glad to have been with someone even if the relationship was not a good one.

After all, without that relationship, would they be the person they are today?

Dreaming about an ex is usually about the lessons you learned while with them. Your subconscious mind is recognizing a pattern from the past in the present.

It could be that your current partner is displaying some of the behaviors that your ex did, and you are concerned that you are making the same mistake twice.If You Dream About Someone Are They Thinking About You

Time For Introspection

But it could just as well be that you are seeing the difference between the way your ex would react to certain situations and the way that your current partner reacts.

The way to tell is how the dream makes you feel.

If it fills you with dread and foreboding, then it could be a warning sign.

If you are hopeful and content, then you are probably just realizing on a deeper level how much better things are these days.

On the other hand, it could have nothing to do with your ex.

This dream may just be a symbol of the past—more about your reminiscing or some aspect of your life before now.

You could call it dreaminiscing. lol

 When You Dream of a Crush Are They Thinking of You?

Unfortunately, dreaming about your crush does not mean that they are thinking about you – but there is a message there for you concerning the way you look at them.

Firstly, if you are just dreaming about them because you have been thinking about them all day, then it is a recount of your thoughts that day.

It should be no surprise that if you fancy someone that you will dream about them!

But if you are dreaming about them liking you back, or dreaming about asking them out or going on a date.

If you are rehearsing to ask them out, then this is a message that you should make your move.

Our waking selves are often too anxious about rejection to see when the right time to ask someone out is so that dreams can be a good indicator of it.

Anxiety And Insecurity

Speaking of which, you may be dreaming of your crush rejecting you.

Again, this isn’t a sign that your crush does not like you back or that they would reject you in reality.

Rather, it is a sign that you are suffering from anxiety and insecurity.

Dreams are strongly linked with insecurity as much as they are with desires.

When we dream, we are working through the lessons we have learned through the day and trying to form conclusions to carry forward.

If you have experienced rejection before, then this might have stuck in a loop and is being reinforced while you sleep.

There are a few things you can do to stop this.

First, recognize that dreams aren’t reality. It may seem obvious, but many people would do well to remind themselves of it so that they are learning the wrong lessons from them.

Next, address the insecurities. This is difficult and might require you to talk with someone about them.

Keeping the thought of them bottled inside you only compounds and makes things worse.

And finally, don’t forget the importance of sleep hygiene.

Sleep hygiene has a deep effect on how you dream, so invest in a good bedtime aromatherapy oil spray and ensure your sleeping environment is free from distractions, clutter, and intrusions.