If You Dream About Someone Do They Dream About You?

When we dream we shrug off the shackles of the physical body and travel to the spiritual plane.

It is here we begin our spiritual journey, where the veil is thinnest. Whenever we dream vividly, we are receiving wisdom from the experiences of our spiritual selves.

This is why getting the right amount of sleep is so important.

Our spiritual connections exist on the spiritual plane, so it is often in dreams that we first see them manifest.

In fact, it is on the spiritual plane during dreams that most people meet their twin flame for the first time.

We can meet other people too. But the question arises – if we are dreaming about someone because we are meeting them on the spiritual plane, are they also dreaming about us?

Shared Dreams

Some people report that they often share dreams.

These people tend to be twin flames or soulmates who are in a long-term romantic relationship – this is when the spiritual connection is strongest, which makes dream connection easier.

In this case, the two dreamers are meeting on the spiritual plane, spirit to spirit.

Typically, in order to do this, the dreamers must maintain spiritual balance and be well attuned to their spirituality.

The exception is with Empaths who have innate attunement to the spiritual plane even without practice.

But most dreams we have involving other people are not representative of a spiritual connection.


Most of the people that we dream about are actually just constructs.

We need people to populate our dreams in order to nurture the karmic lessons we are learning.

The reason we populate our dreams with people we know is that we are familiar with their energies and can easily construct a passable version in our dreams.

In this case, the dream is not a meeting on the spiritual plane, but instead a karmic lesson for our spiritual self.

This construct of a real person serves to help with our spiritual journey but is just a construct nonetheless. They need not be dreaming of us for this to happen.


But that does not mean they are definitely not dreaming of us. In fact, dreams are ripe ground for synchronicity.

If a person is about to make an important difference in our lives, or we are in theirs, we will often dream of each other.

This is our spirit guides signposting us towards, or away from, spiritual transformation.

The only way to find out if this is the case is to ask the other person if they dreamed about us – which can be more than a little awkward, especially if they have not.

The best way to find out if someone we have dreamed about also dreamed about us is to meditate on it, listening to our intuition and asking our spirit guides what the meaning of the dream was.