People are talking about what the signs of twin flames are? From my personal experience the main twin flame sign is that the meeting is like two mirrors. You just know without warning, this special magnetic soul has come into your life like a earthquake. You are now getting that feeling your existence is about to change but you don’t know whats going to happen. Somehow you instinctively know the transformation will be something great and beautiful.

All of these initial signs of twin flames I have known myself, I am very fortunate to meet my twin flame some time ago, it’s the most beautiful and magnetic relationship I have experienced, our transformation is helping others, together we are trying to make this world a better place.


I am very grateful for uniting with my twin, I can honestly say this true blessing is available to all. However I have noticed this amazing gift may not be for everyone to go through, it’s a tough relationship to be in but at the same it’s the most beautiful. There are times in your life where you are not ready to openly receive your twin flame’s presence, you could have a life of stress, negative life style patterns and being overworked which leads to low self confidence.signs of twin flames 2

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It has been said by Plato 2,500 years ago that when one meets their souls companion, the two feel the amazement of friendship, love and sacred intimacy and they would never be out of their partners sight.

Listed below are signs of twin flames reunion is near.

Kundalini: You begin to feel energy in your root chakras, or often get the kundalini rising.

Powerful feeling: Getting that feeling you know this person before.


Instant connection: Immediate and instant connection to them.

Electrifying feeling: There seems to be an intense feeling between you both, you can’t even describe it.

You have never lived before: Feels like you have never lived before this union.

Unbreakable union: Nothing can separate you both.

Space and time has no meaning: Whenever you glance into their eyes, space and time has no meaning.

Go on forever: Your interactions seem to go and on.

Server of Humanity: You both have desire to serve the planet in a spiritual way.

Unconditional love: You are both selfless expect nothing in return.


Signs my twin flame is thinking about me.signs of twin flames 3

Have you felt like you were pinged by someone, and you would know they were thinking about you and you would be on the phone with them just knowing you were thinking about them?

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Here are the signs they were having thoughts about you.

You just know: They were thinking of you, like a psychic connection.

Feel your attention get drawn to them: This happens throughout your day.

Hear them: All of a sudden you just hear them, you think they are with you.

Past life connection: You feel you had a past life relationship with them.

Concluding the signs of twin flames

Tell us what you feel about these signs of twin flames? Is this amazing and powerful connection meant to be lived and experienced? Please share with us your experience.