Starseed, Indigo and Crystal Children Traits (YOU COULD BE ONE ?)

Indigo Children Characteristics

With the advance of indigo children, they seem to be the next step in evolution. In the many recent years most have have searched for spirituality outside them selves. With the coming of the Indigo children, there comes a exciting new evolutionary variations, your spiritual self has always been within yourself. Check here for indigo adult.


1. These kids are very intelligent but never seem to have top grades.

2. They are very creative, they love making things.

3. They always ask the question why ? or need to know why they are asked to do something.


4. They seem to hate repetitive work, not liking school, they don’t see the point when they can be creative.

5. These kids are very rebellious in school, refused doing any homework and always reject authority.

6. They sometimes experience depression, feeling of helplessness. The symptoms range from sadness to suicidal feelings.

7. Indigos have big problem in service oriented jobs, since they resist authority.

8. They prefer to lead or work alone.

Crystal Children Characteristics

indigo children characteristics crystal children characteristics starseedOne of the unique things you may notice about the crystal children are their eyes, they are large, penetrating and seem very wise beyond their age. Their eyes seem to lock onto you and hypnotize you, in truth your soul is being laid bare for the crystal child to see. You may have noticed these new kids in our society already.

1. They have large eyes with a profound stare.

2. They have charming and magnetic personalities.

3. They seem to be very affectionate.

4. They started talking late in their childhood.

5. Most crystal children seem to be music oriented, so they may sing before talking.

6. Crystal children make great use of telepathy or their own sign language to communicate.

7. Some maybe be diagnosed with Autism or Aspergers syndrome.

8. Crystal children are sweet, loving and even tempered.

9. They always forgive people.

10. They are empathic and highly sensitive.

Starseed Characteristics

indigo children characteristics crystal children characteristics starseed-21. Having a constant sense of not fitting into society. Feels like an outsider.

2. Always had the feeling to fly, go traveling. Having that feeling you want to go home.


3. You always seem to be changing your appearance, change of hair color, style etc. You are trying to figure out who you are.

4. Dreaming of encounters with E.T’s.

5. Love sci fi films and tv shows.

6. Love science and spirituality as if it is one. You believe both can coexist.

7. You hate violence of any kind, whether its on tv or actual world event.

8. You are a channeler and a healer. You love to help people and animals, you tend to go out of yourself to do so.

9. Although you are very sweet and helpful, you also seem to have a cool exterior. You guard who you let in into your close circle.

10. You have fascination with many star system or planets.

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