Indigo Children Characteristics – Signs You Can Recognize (5 SIGNS)

Indigo Children Characteristics – I see that we are all made from the same fabric as the universe and the greatest secret I have discovered is that nobody is more special than anybody else. However there is contrast, variation and we all have to honor each other’s unique gifts and talents.

So what is an Indigo ? Where did that word come from… because it’s been floating around for a long time. There are people who are skeptical, there are people who love it, people who embrace it. In the 1970’s you had the psychologists Nancy Ann Tappe who had this amazing ability of synesthesia, where you are hearing colors and seeing sounds.



Some musicians have this ability, what happened was that she was a psychic and she was observing that the children she came across had a new color to their aura, which was Indigo and these children were special, they were unique and they were to help raise the vibration of planet earth. So what are some of the signs ?indigo children characteristics 1

5 Indigo Children Characteristics

1. The first indigo children characteristics is that these beings are highly intuitive and sensitive. They feel the energy all around them, many times I have spoken to people who know they are living in a matrix, they have pierced the veil and they know we are so much more.

2. They have a problem with absolute authority. Dogma, You must do this, you must do that. That is why these beings are here to change the structure of society. The traditions, the rules, the boundaries. See that Indigo’s are in essence infinite beings, we are all indigos because spirituality is not something you practice, it is who you are. The problems is many of us are in a state of amnesia, what happened ? We have forgotten what happened but as an indigo you coming into this dimension with information, your eyes are wide open, so you are not falling for a system that is crumbling. Many of these beings have a hard time at school. They have a hard time fitting into society which is having a lot of problems right now because everybody wants to be the same, they want to be normal but what is normal ?

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indigo children characteristics 2


3. Another indigo children characteristics is that these beings have difficulty following routine, pattern, why ? Because they are not living in linear time. Time is an illusion they are aware of that and living in this world we are governed by the clock. They say time is money. A sign that many of us know we are not living our true purpose, we are living a routine which is not serving us, that is why Indigos are so powerful because they are not having it.

indigo children characteristics 34. Being an Indigo you will be labeled as having maybe ADHD, ADD, Bi Polar, autism, as a psychologist I have worked with adults and children with bi polar, ADHD, ADD and its amazing as a society we just label what we don’t understand and that is why Nancy Ann Tappe’s work is groundbreaking because she is empowering people, telling them they don’t have an illness, they have a gift but what happens when we call someone ADHD, we are giving them a label which does not serve them in the long run. So when I realized that all of these were man made concepts it freed me.


5. You are here to help raise the frequency of planet Earth, you are here for some serious work and Indigo’s they go onto have babies which are crystals and that’s the next generation of awesomeness which is already here and the crystals have rainbows, rainbow children. These children who are even more highly evolved, who are taking care of the planet, who are taking care of the animals, who only want peace love and harmony on planet Earth. The new paradigm is here and the hidden is coming to light.

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So my whole view is that we don’t need labels, we have to realize we are all indigos, crystals and rainbows because we are infinity itself, experiencing itself in human form. We are amazing, so there you have it be free, be happy and be serene.

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