Are you an Indigo Star Child? Or are you raising one of these special people?

The idea of Indigo Children might have been popularised as recently as the 70s, there have always been Star Children on this planet.

Their purpose has been (and continues to be) to bring humanity into a more enlightened age.

If you identify as an old soul and feel an obligation and drive to make a positive difference in the world, then you might well be an Indigo.

What Is An Indigo Star Child?

Indigos are here to usher humanity into a new stage of enlightenment and to a higher dimension of consciousness.

They do this through spreading love and light, educating people on the nature of the higher self, and instructing them in the ways of balance and higher consciousness.

There are a few groups like the Indigos with their own peculiarities that set them all apart.

These include Crystals, Rainbows, and Starseeds. The collective name for all of these groups is Lightworkers.

Indigos are free-thinking individuals who see through deception and use their considerable insight to understand the human element of a situation.

They find it challenging to fit in, always feeling like they aren’t built for modern society.

As teens, they are often isolated because their peers just see them as “weird,” but in reality, they are simply ahead of the times.

Isolation has its upsides. Because of it, many Indigos develop their spiritual senses far more quickly – though this is partly down to natural affinity that they have innately.

The Indigo Star Child Exposes The World

A simple truth of parenting is that you cannot always tell your kids the truth.

When Mummy and Daddy have an argument over adult things, few parents would think it was a good idea to bring the kids in on the debate.

Their instincts are to protect them from family problems.

Those instincts guide most parents pretty well. For the parents of Indigo children, the opposite is true.

Indigos have an extra sense. They can smell a lie, or they can feel it in their bones.

Deception has an acrid smell to them, offending them to the core of their being.

Even a half-truth is offensive to an Indigo. No matter how white the lie, it is still not the truth.

If you are raising an Indigo, then you need to be honest with them.

Most of the time that means telling them the truth, though, of course, there are some things you cannot tell a child.

In those cases, you should just tell them that you can’t tell them.

That’s being honest, even if it is honesty about hiding things.

The attitude they display towards the truth and authority is no accident.

They are here to overturn illegitimate power, and arrived here originally to tackle the problems of the Cold War.

They spend their entire lives seeking out and exposing injustice and lies.

It is a core part of who they are, stemming from a simple philosophy:

One cannot be at peace under Tyranny. One cannot be healthy amongst the sick. One cannot live justly in an unjust society.

The Signs Of An Indigo Star Child

Are you an Indigo? If you think you might be then check the signs below to see if they resonate with you:

1. Freethinker. You pride yourself on independence of thought, being able to consider any idea on its own merits.

Your biases are still there, but you work to keep them out of your thinking.

2. Idealistic. The world is far from ideal, but you know in your heart of hearts that it could be if everybody got on board.

Unfortunately, this can lead to you demanding other people act the way you think they should, which only ever backfires.

3. Lone wolf. Although you like people and have friends and a social life, frankly you prefer to be alone.

Boredom doesn’t bother you just because there is nobody around – in fact, there is plenty for you to ruminate on to last a lifetime of solitude quite happily.

4. Creative. Not shackled to the stereotypes and cliches of mainstream thought, your creative vision is singular in your community and/or industry.

5. Wilful. Other people need emotional support from others in order to chase their dreams.

You don’t get that at all – you have within you all that you need to achieve your goals.

6. Contrarian. You love to play Devil’s Advocate because you think it is always worthwhile to challenge common wisdom.

Likewise, if there is a right and a wrong way of doing something you cannot stop yourself trying the wrong way to see if it could be made right.

7. Truth-seeker. Lies disgust you, so when you sense a lie you hold onto its scent for as long as it takes to get to the truth.

This doesn’t always work out well for you and could ruin some relationships.

8. Natural leader. Leadership is something you have always felt pulled towards.

Whenever you have a position of authority you feel the need to change the old order and find a new way of doing things.

9. Revolutionary. The world is a corrupt place in many ways, and that offends you to your core.

You aren’t content to just complain about it, though – you want to get out there and overthrow illegitimate authority.

Freeing people from the shackles of tyranny is a driving force in your life.

10. Old soul. All Indigos are old souls, so you feel the effects of having lived many lives (or incarnations), whether here on Earth or in the Indigo star systems of Sirius.

11. Caring. You might be blunt and brash sometimes. You might push people when they don’t want to be pushed.

But at the end of the day, you do it because you care about people.

You care about the planet, about humanity, and about the universe at large. It is your caring nature, ultimately, that gives your life meaning.