Do you have these intense personality traits? If you do, then you are probably a very passionate person.

Some people find that intimidating, for others, it’s desirable. For most, it’s just difficult to understand how someone can be so focused and driven all the time.

Like every personality type, intense people have their own unique traits, opportunities, and challenges.

It’s not always comfortable having intense personality traits.

There are obstacles on the path, and sometimes, your intensity is going to make it difficult to accept failure and learn from it.

However, if you face these challenges, head on it is the intensity that will bring you success, fulfillment and happiness – in the long run.

20 Intense Personality Traits

Check these 20 personality traits of intense people and see if you fit the bill:

1. An Open Book

You are an open book. Within minutes of meeting someone, you are telling them all about your life, your history, and your ambitions, even as they scramble to get the topic back to the weather.

2. Over-thinking

There’s no such thing as an idle thought in your mind. Every thought is important, with every decision requiring hours of thought.

3. A Planner

You plan relentlessly, liking to get the details hammered down weeks or months in advance, if possible. Last-minute plans put you on edge as you can’t abide being ill-prepared.

4. Too Many Cares In The World

You rarely find cause to say “I don’t care” – at least, you never mean it. You have an incredible capacity to care about everyone and everything.

5. Staring

People accuse you of staring, which is due to an intense focus on the subject at hand. You aren’t even necessarily thinking about the person you’re staring at, either.

6. Speak With Purpose

There is purpose and conviction to everything you say, no matter how banal. If you say something to someone, you need them to hear and understand it every time.

7. Always Lend A Hand

Whenever there is someone in need, you feel the need to lend a hand. It goes for people, but it also applies to animals – you often go out of your way to help others.

8. Intense Language

You tend to respond with exaggeration and hyperbole when you are emotional.

You can see the funny side afterward, but in the moment you fully believe the world is either ending or about to become paradise.

9. Long Texts

You much prefer to message privately than to post publicly, and you are definitely a “texter”. You craft long messages, delete them a few times before sending them, and then agonise over it until there is a response.

10. Single-Minded

You have a one-thing-at-a-time kind of brain. When you are talking to someone, that is what you are doing and your attention is entirely on them. You never check out of conversations early.

11. A Bit Inappropriate

You sometimes (read: always) forget about polite conversations and think nothing of bringing up the uncomfortable and embarrassing aspects of life in conversations that do not warrant it.

Your itch for meaningful conversation can clash with others’ need for polite avoidance of awkward topics.

12. Mood Swings

You get the worst mood swings. Some days you will be full of excitement and glee, the next you will be down and quiet.

You often blow hot and cold and it can confuse your friends, who can sometimes find that they don’t know where they stand with you – even though you tell them constantly!

13. Sincerity

When you state your opinion, it is your opinion. You don’t hedge or sweeten the truth, you call it exactly as you see it.

This extends to sarcasm and irony, which really aren’t in your wheel house. This can rub people up the wrong way, but you don’t mean to be rude about it.

14. Brooding

Some people accuse you of having a resting “B” face. What they don’t understand is that your face is never really resting at all, you are simply brooding as others think about nothing.

15. A Bit Clingy In Relationships

You have been called “clingy” by ex-partners, but you don’t see it that way. Rather, you are simply more expressive with your affection and more present in the relationship.

It can be a bit of a struggle to find someone with the same expectations in this area, but you will sooner or later.

16. A Bit Clingy In Friendships

You may even have been called “clingy” by your best friend, though they are likely to appreciate that rather than criticise you for it.

You couldn’t care less about distance and personal space, you love spending time with your friends and what to do it all the time.

17. Small Circle Of Friends

Although you might know a lot of people, you keep your friends close and have deep relationships with them.

Having too many of these close friends is too exhausting for it to last very long, so you tend to stick with your long term friends (that already know and like you).

18. Classic Romantic

You love a good love story and idealise romance. Jane Austen novels, period romances, romantic comedies – you’ve got the “love bug” and daydream about the day that you meet your one true love.

You want to be swept off your feet and treated like the main character in a romance novel.

19. Easily Attached To Fictional Characters

Whether it’s books, movies or television shows, you become irrationally attached to the characters in fictional worlds.

The death of a character that you particularly like can set you off on an emotional spiral that can last for days!

20. Hate Idle Chit-Chat

Small talk is your worst nightmare. Why waste time talking about things that don’t matter?!

Every time you have a conversation you try to talk about something meaningful or deep, and your life is a constant struggle in finding people who vibe with that.