Is Astral Projection Demonic?

Astral projection is one of those subjects that can entirely split a room.

For some, it is an eye-opening, soul changing experience that can help give you a new, fresh perspective on life, spirituality, and the universe.

But for others, it is a dangerous, unnatural and demonic endeavour that holds too many risks for them – and they discourage others from doing it!

But is astral projection a dangerous and demonic activity? Or is it quite the opposite?

What Is Astral Projection?

For those who don’t know what astral projection is, there are articles elsewhere on this site that can give you all the information you need.

But as a quick primer, astral projection refers to the act of inducing an out-of-body experience, or OBE. Free from the physical body, the astral projector travels with their soul or spiritual body on the astral plane.

Using this technique – which takes dedication, time and effort to develop – a person can discover the astral plane in a far richer and more concrete way than during meditation.

So Is Astral Projection Dangerous?

In a word: No.

When you leave your physical body during astral projection, you inhabit only your soul.

Anything that happens to your subtle body in this state will not affect your physical body, and if you are in too much danger on the astral plane, you will merely wake in your physical body as you would from a dream.

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Of course, your physical body is in some danger as you are not inhabiting it, but it is in no more danger than it would be if you were asleep.

If anything were to hurt you, your nerve endings would still alert you, and your soul quickly bounces back into your body.

As long as you don’t try astral projection while laying in the middle of the main road, there is no danger of coming to any physical harm while on an OBE.

But Is Astral Projection Demonic?

There are demons on the astral plane, and you may encounter them.

These are negative energy beings that seek to sap the vibrational energy from others, which can cause a variety of negative spiritual symptoms in the unwary astral traveller.

But with proper preparation and guidance, these beings can be fought or fled from with ease.

The act of astral projection itself is in no way demonic. There is no black magic at play here, no satanic rituals or animal sacrifice. It is not even slightly religious or negative in itself in any way.

Astral projection is simply an induced change of perspective, using our own spiritual energies to release our narrow perspective from the confines of the physical realm.

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Once our soul is free from our bodies, we are free from our current lifetimes restraints.

Those who claim that astral projection is demonic and dangerous have drastically misunderstood what astral projection is and what the process involves.

So if someone tells you that you shouldn’t try astral projection because it is demonic and dangerous, consider asking them when was the last time they tried astral projection.

In all likelihood, their answer will begin with: “I’ve never tried it, but…”

You can ignore everything after the “but”.

Have you tried astral projection? Have you had a good or bad experience while in an OBE?