Our minds are capable of doing some incredible things, most of which we still don’t fully understand.

One pretty fantastic thing your mind can do is tell you when someone is thinking about you.

Recognising the feeling of someone thinking about you is the only hurdle to dialling in on this remarkable mental ability.

So what should you be looking for in your endeavours?

Here are the top signs – read to the end if you want to find out who is thinking about you.

Random Blushing

Have you ever heard the phrase, “My ears are burning”?

It’s an old saying that speaks to the truth of the physical effect of being on someone else’s mind.

A sudden rush of blood to the face and ears is usually a strong sign of emotion.

If that strong emotion is not coming from you, yet you are experiencing the blushing, then that strong emotion must originate outside of you.

But it also has to be about you! Otherwise, why would you experience anything at all?

If you find your ears are burning or you are blushing for no reason, then the reason is usually that someone is thinking about you.

Perhaps in a way that would make you blush if you saw their mind.

Sudden Anxiety & Nerves

We all know the feeling of being watched, and sometimes the feeling of someone thinking about you can be remarkably similar.

In the same way that you can sense someone staring at you even when you are facing the other way.

You can also detect when someone is thinking about you even when they are not near.

Of course, the first thing you should do if you feel like someone is staring at you is to check if someone is staring at you.

If they aren’t, it may well be that someone is thinking about you instead.

Contentment & Silly Grins

If you have ever had someone you liked compliment you out of the blue, you know what we mean by a “silly grin”.

The feeling that goes with it is very similar to the one you get when someone you like is thinking about you.

And if it’s making you happy, it was likely a very positive thought.

Who Is Thinking About You?

If you detect any of these signs and have a few moments spare, there is a way that you can try to sense who was thinking about you.

Find a quiet, secluded spot in which you can meditate, all the while holding on to the feeling you have just experienced.

Keep it at the centre of your mind as you transition to a meditative state.

Once there, you can attempt to follow the telepathic connection.

Let your mind wander over your body and see where the feeling seems to pull at you.

Once you’ve located the source, you can follow the connection.

Allow the energy of the connection to flow over you, allowing images and sounds to occur until one occurs with certainty.

If the picture is unclear, then keep trying, once a day at least.

But if the picture is clear, you will know exactly who it was that was thinking about you.

With practice, you might even work out what they were thinking.

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