Every now and again you’ll hear someone say:

“It doesn’t matter, reality is just an illusion anyway.”

Those people are wrong – though it’s not that reality isn’t an illusion. It is an illusion.

But this illusion matters.

Everything Is Energy

On the smallest level, everything is just energy.

The most famous scientific equation in history is probably E = MC2, though many people don’t understand what that actually means.Is Reality An Illusion?

The equation means that energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared.

That means, in simple terms, that energy and mass are the same things. In fact, the stuff that makes up everything we see is just energy that has been slowed down to a physical frequency.

In the end, everything is energy.

Illusions & Perception

The world appears to us as more than just energy though, right?

Yes, and this is down to perception. Our senses are attuned to the unique frequencies of physical matter, as well as sound waves and light waves.

Our brains make sense of all of this information and create an image in our minds of the world outside.

The image is not accurate. It only shows the slowed down physical part of our world.

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The metaphysical part of everything is too fast to see (most of the time). This is why most people are unaware of it because their perception doesn’t allow them to see it.

So Nothing Is Real, Then?

That doesn’t mean that nothing is real. People often get caught up on the idea of an illusion being something that isn’t real.

A magician performing an illusion is, after all, doing something. What they have done is create something new from the illusion.

That’s the crux of it.

Reality may be an illusion, just energy that we see and experience in a certain way. But if reality is an illusion, then we cannot say that reality doesn’t matter – we must say that illusions do matter!

Living In An Illusion

Remember, you chose to be here.

You won’t remember it, but before you were the person you are today, you were a soul on another plane.

You had lived many lives and you were preparing for the next one. And you chose to be human, in this illusion reality, for a reason.

And that reason is creation.

See, from the illusion of reality we can create endless things. Just as energy builds subatomic particles, which build atoms, which build everything around us – our energies take the bags of flesh and bone that we live in and make them something more.

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Something human.

In the largest scheme of things, your life might not matter. But when you think about it, it is all that matters.

Every life lived is an act of creation, taking a whole bunch of useless nothing and making it something. That something is you – a being capable of love, unity and creating things of great beauty.

So the next time someone says that reality is just an illusion, you can tell them this:

“Reality isn’t just an illusion. An illusion is just reality.”