Is twin flame love real? We all have a lot of questions about twin flames. The idea enchants us –  a perfect partner, somewhere in the midst of all this life, meant for us. A soulmate on steroids.

Most people want to know about the logistics: the when, where, why, how and, above all, who of it all. They yearn for it, pulled by the silver cord they are yet to learn about their twin flame.

But experience is the death of idealism, and often people question whether their twin flame is really their true love.

Is Twin Flame Love Real?

Whether the love they share is real or not. This often happens after separation, or even during the chaser and runner stage. But it can also occur when we get ourselves into a rut.

So let’s talk about twin flame love.


The first thing to note is that the twin flame love connection is unconditional. Even when we hate each other, we never waver in our mutual love.

We love them without question, even as we question the reality of that love.

This is because the spiritual connection between twin flames is utterly unbreakable. It cannot be severed. Its only possible end is to be absorbed by ascension.

What this does not mean is that we are destined to remain in a relationship with our twin flame.

We will always love them, but sometimes our spiritual journeys require us to lead separate lives. This is often the problem with abusive or unhappy relationships.


And destiny is an important part of the twin flame relationship. We can be separate in this life because our love connection stretches way beyond the limits of a single lifetime.

Our spiritual journey is a shared one, and we are inextricably linked together in the goal of universal ascension.

Our twin flame relationship is as central to the life of the universe as it is to our lives.

We must accept that the love we feel for our twin flame is borne from our shared destiny and our shared soul, as well as our shared goal.Is Twin Flame Love Real

Not The Only Love In Town

But we suspect that most people who ask if twin flame love is real are really asking permission to discard the twin flame relationship entirely.

After all, love is what we are all after and if it can be found elsewhere then why suffer the ups and downs of the twin flame relationship?

But the truth is, the love we feel for our twin flame is different to the emotional love we feel for those we are yet to be spiritually connected with.

It is a rawer, more primal love based on a plane we do not spend most of our lives on.

And love can be found elsewhere if that is what our spiritual journey needs in order to progress.

But in the end, we will reunite with our twin flame, in this life or the next.

Because twin flame love might not meet our romantic or emotional needs every single time, but it absolutely always lasts forever. I hope this concludes the question ”is twin flame love real”.

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