The dual concepts of “true love” and “twin flames” are often mashed together by people who are new to the concepts. People often ask if their twin flame is their “one true love”.

The answer is more complicated than a yes or a no.

To find the answer, we have to talk about what true love means when taken away from the pop culture that has skewed our perspectives on it.

True Love Isn’t Like The Movies

If Hollywood movies are to be believed, everybody has exactly one true love, and they will only know true love with that one person.

Everybody who doesn’t find that one person they can have true love with is doomed to live unfulfilled.

And once you have found your one true love, you live happily ever after as a princess, or a fashion designer or whatever flavour they have decided to put on it.

Unsurprisingly, true love is absolutely nothing like that.

Twin Flames & True Love

True love is one of the many things you will experience with your twin flame, and you do only have one twin flame.

But your twin flame isn’t the only person with whom you will find true love.

And depending on what you want from your one true love, you might not be able to get what you need from that relationship with your twin flame.

For instance, some twin flames never have a romantic relationship for one or more of a variety of different reason, such as age difference, unmatched physical attraction or social pressures.

You can have true love that satisfies all of your romantic needs outside of your twin flame relationship, which you can keep platonic.

But there is a unique link between true love and twin flames.

Your twin flame holds the key to show you the truth of love, allowing you to feel true love in new and expanding ways.

Whether that true love is just for them, or whether you find another soulmate to be your life partner, your twin flame will open the truth of love to you.

Most Twin Flames Are True Loves

Most of the time twin flames are meant to be together in a loving, romantic relationship. This is the ideal as it provides the best environment for the journey you embark on together.

So, in all likelihood, your twin flame is your true love.

But if you feel as though your twin flame is not your true love, then you are probably right.

Or you are the runner, and you’re going into separation. But you’re probably right, especially if they feel the same way.

Deciding to pursue true love outside of the twin flame relationship does mean you have to end your twin flame relationship for the time being.

Don’t expect your twin flame to understand you going off to be intimate with another. Instead, you have to tweak the connection you are in to fit with your needs and desires.

Taking this action should be done in full communication with your twin flame.

You share this journey together and, while there’s a chance they are not your true love, they still play the most crucial role in helping you experience love’s most authentic and purest form.

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